Costume ball

It is said that 2500 years ago, Celtics in Ireland regarded Oct.31th as the last day of every year, and then Nov.1st, the beginning of each year.In the shifting evening of new and old year, Celtics believed in that Samhain, God of Death, would ruturned to the earth with hidden ghosts and backed when found alternatives.So the Celtics would light up the torch and fire the animals as sacrifice to the God of Death.In order to chase the ghosts in the night, the Celtics used animals’ head and fur to pretend to be monsters and murmured aweful words.This is the origin of Halloween Costume Ball.
So do you know how to hightlight yourself in the dressup party?Several tips as listed.
First, be clean.Under the shining lamplight, the tidiness of your dressup is concerned with the elegance.So do choose liquid foudation of high quality.But the colour must be softer than your face colour.And opt for some shining powder sprayed on your eyes–be appropriate to the dress, so as to add to the transparency.
Second, charming eye-makeup.If you want to wear mask, then do care about the effect of the eye makeup.One is the colour.Another is eyeline and eyelashes.The dressup party itself is a game of colour.So you can choose red,gold,green and pink, such are active colours.What’s more, liquid eye shadow is of good moisture and it has shining elements, thus good for a costume ball.
Third, lips be moisting and shining.Mysterious dance ball is highlightened by women’s shining lips, which also serves as a foil to women’s sexy quality.So as a girl, you need to prepare a lipstick with you.
In the modern dance party, though there is full of exciting melody and beautiful lamplight, sponsors should arrange some other games,for instance, guess games or something else.