America, America, God shed his grace on thee!

(AP Photo/Michel Euler, File)

The burgers have been eaten. The iced tea is almost gone. The brownies were delicious, as was the corn on the cob.

We played some games and visited with our precious family. We paused a moment, thankful for those who died to set us free.

The sun is slowly setting. We relax in the coming eve. We hear fireworks in the distance and watch those bursts which we can see.

America! America! How blessed that you have been! Millions have flooded to your shores to find the dream within.

History shows that when you prosper other nations follow. When you support your citizens’ rights all can reap the rewards they sow.

Your heritage, so beautiful, upon God’s word was found. No one can deny this, for the evidence is sound.

Those men and women from our past, imperfect though they were, did strive to find a better way to govern for the future.

America! America! The subtleties creep in! So many now deny the truths that helped form this great land.

Though many long for peace, others push for a dangerous turn. They lie about what’s needed as they watch your cities burn.

Their motive isn’t to keep united all of your glorious states, but instead to be divisive, stoking fear and hate.

Many leaders that likely should have stepped down long ago, choose instead to consolidate power, grounded in wherever the wind does blow.

America! America! How my heart breaks for thee! These leaders lie and cheat and steal with little accountability.

Feelings have become the norm for determining wrong and right. Differences of opinion are labeled hate between black and white.

No longer can one say that Jesus loves you and that he saves. To offer him as a solution garners criticism and craze.

His father has been uninvited from every public sphere. Those who exercise the right are told, “You’re not welcome here.”

America! America! Where have your morals gone? Are you destined to give into the hate guiding you along?

Yet though my heart is sometimes low as I listen to the news, I find the truth of your great past encouraging my views.

Perfect? No! People? Flawed! Yet nowhere on this earth, is a nation that so protects individual worth.

For here within these borders all have equal rights and are protected by the law whether red, black, yellow, or white.

America! America, though perfect yet you’re not. We must work to live in grace and not waste what blood has bought.

America, I love you, though with others I may disagree about the best way forward, a subject fraught with quandary.

I know within my heart that God’s grace on you he shed. As a history prof I also have the knowledge in my head.

I long to share this grace and love that marks your history. I only pray that others too will embrace this mystery.

America! America! Bring back the grace we’ve scorn and once again let truth bring back the justice we adore.