Mitt, I'm Sorry.

An Open Apology to the Next President of the United States

I’ve been putting this off, but here we are – two days, 16 hours, and 49 minutes before the election – and I simply can’t wait any longer. I have to say the words that I’ve needed to say for months now:

I’m sorry.

The primary in this election cycle was a cruel beast — kind to no one and critical of all. I’d like to say we learned a lesson this time, but I expect the next go-round (I pray, not until 2019ish) will be no less contentious. That’s just how we roll, and honestly, I don’t feel like you were damaged in the process … but that still doesn’t release me from my need — in these final days — to tuck my tail between my legs and reach out to you with a virtual fistful of flowers.

Everyone knows Rick Santorum was my guy. Not just my guy – my political obsession, and in many ways, this remains true. I do think if you don’t place him on your Cabinet as Secretary of sumpin’, you’re crazy, but I’ll stop there, because unlike most everything else I’ve done politically in 2012 – this isn’t about Rick.

This is about you.

In the midst of the primary, I learned more about you than I ever needed to know. But I wasn’t educating myself in an attempt to give thoughtful consideration to your candidacy– I was simply hunting for ammunition. Oh, to think that I could find that one big “gotcha” that could knock you off your perch. From dissecting your Massachusetts fee hikes (no seriously, I made spreadsheets) to failed attempts at digging into your psyche via books such as The Real Romney, I searched far and wide for ways to weaken your position as the frontrunner.

But, remain the frontrunner, you did, and the day Rick Santorum dropped out of the race, I fell in line like most everyone else. I remember the pain associated with tweeting, “I’m Susan Cloud, and I’m endorsing Mitt Romney for President.” (I type around 75 wpm, but it took forever.)

Governor Romney, since that day, you’ve haven’t ceased to impress me — in both word and deed.

You’ve articulated the core principles about which most all conservatives agree.

Your pick of Paul Ryan was like an early Christmas present. In many ways, it was your first true test. (In case you’re wondering: you passed.)

Your convention put a spotlight on your human side – something I desperately needed to see, and when I did see it, had me in tears and inspired me to dig deeper into ways I can serve my fellow man.

You made us proud in the debates with your dignified, yet aggressive approach. To call your performances “presidential” is an understatement.

You’ve kept it clean, and as a result, exposed the filthy tactics of the President’s camp.

I’m not just voting against President Obama anymore. I’m voting  for you, and I have no doubt that you will execute your duties with the precision of an innovative, brilliant CEO who is led — first and foremost — by a deep love for his family, his freedom, and most important, his God. Who would have thought I’d ever utter the words, “Mitt Romney may be one of our greatest presidents,” but lately, I find myself thinking and saying it often.

I look forward to seeing you harness a Reagan-like magic as you reach across the aisle to bring our fractured country together. As you do, I predict that the usual suspects will groan and mumble, but don’t listen to them. Now isn’t the time for partisanship. It’s time for the healing and repair that will deliver growth and unprecedented prosperity to our great nation.

You’re the man for the job. And I can see that now — quite clearly.

So … go win.