Arab Spring, Yob Summer

First we had the “Arab Spring”, where people braved punishment by security services as frightening as Egypt’s Mukhabarat, and the Syrian thugs who act as an internal terror agency. If you are brave enough to expose your frustrations in Syria, there is no doubt that you will be picked up and the odds of your returning home are low. It is not clear what new political group will emerge after the dust settles, but it’s hard to think that it will be much worse than what existed in most of the countries that have revolted. These people at least have legitimate beefs, and just want anything else, including an opportunity to dip into the world that they see only through their phones.

Now, we have the Yob Summer in London, where glassy eyed idiots run wild under the false notion that they are being oppressed, and ruin people’s livelihoods for some sort of primitive satisfaction. Has there ever been a less respected group of “protestors” than this opportunistic mob of punks? Yes, it must be terrible to have to live in sponsored homes, watch Sky TV and receive a check for doing nothing.

Why, if they have some societal and philosophical oppression are they all smiling? Could it be that they have an opportunity to steal a flat screen, and do some damage to people under the anonymity of the mob and a hoody? The blind stupidity of them all is scary because it’s a glimpse into how easily people can sink into a mindless and opportunistic depravity.

I think, however, that there is a case that can be made that if these yobs had been born into homes where there was some sort of correlation between satisfaction and honest work, they might not have been yobs. They are being pestered by a little voice inside them saying, “Something is wrong, maybe with me, but certainly with society.”

The thing that is wrong with British society is the complete loss of the Thatcherite spirit that in the 80’s temporarily imbued the country with a bit of genuine conservatism. She had the force of will and personality to overcome a system that had simply become impossible. Then, over the years, the Labour Party slowly eroded the national will with more and more “benefits” and regulations, and commissions, and taxes. It reached it’s apex with the clueless Gordon Brown, where dozens of entire counties had about 50% of their citizens either working for the government or on the dole. Vast swathes of Britain are little more than holding pens in the form of council housing where people basically drink beer and eat greasy food, and shuffle around waiting for the next day to start.

These youths are very hard to feel sympathy for. However, if you’re born into a household where there is no dad, and mom is a slovenly cigarette smoking, telly watching slug that can’t read, it’s a little understandable that you haven’t turned out well.

David Cameron has tried to make a brave push to cut through the fog, and has had mixed results. He eliminated 500 departments with the stroke of a pen.  Just like in the Middle East, where it may take generations for people to get used to living under democracy; it may take generations for Britain to become a proper society again. They have to get used to the concept of thinking for themselves, and not having life start when the check shows on the 1st.

Of course, we’re disgusted with the mindless violence and looting that we’re witnessing, but at least we can’t say that it’s not explainable and fixable.