Incrementalism on Steroids

I feel as though I am in the Twilight Zone with this administration. Understandably, the nation is having a leftist burp, but I’d really appreciate a Bill or Hill at this moment instead of this nightmare. Instead, we literally have someone to the left of Hugo Chavez.

When I listen to crazy right wing radio, I keep asking myself if they are just exaggerating for ratings points. I have actually decided that they are not exaggerating.

For God’s sake, the Obama administration actually tells us what they are doing, and most of us sit by and say to ourselves “there’s no way that they actually mean what they are saying”. The really scary thing is that they actually mean much more than what they are saying.

In the face of plummeting approval ratings, did King Barack go a teensy moderate? Did he decide to bring even one positive business strategy into play? No. He appoints an avowed communist to be his environmental czar. Van Jones? Are you kidding me?

He is basically sticking his middle finger up to anyone to the right of Fidel Castro, and saying “XXck Xou”

Those of us who are reasonable conservatives, and understand that there are two sides to any story need to recognize that it is actually time to battle. This is just too much. It is time to get busy, and angry.

I fully understand that the political landscape rides left and right, just as the econonomic cycle rides up and down. I remember being disturbed by the disengenous nonsense that we got from the Clinton White House on a daily basis. (Jeez I miss those simple days)  I remember how GW let us down on spending and immigration issues.

However, it is not hyperbole to say that this administration is bum rushing a stunning leftist agenda through as quickly as possible. They are crazy, but not stupid. They fully understand that when the electorate’s delayed and worn out sensibilities catch up to what they are are really doing, they are toast.

They are literally cynical enough to just try to jam through as much as possible before we all wake from our summer slumber.

47%, ironically the same number of supposedly uninsured people in this country, did not vote for this President. How is it possible to have our entire country realigned into a neo-socialist “new world”?
This is coming from someone that holds a NHS Card in good standing. I’ve pulled a paycheck for 15 years in Europe, and have a unique understanding of the special incrementalism that only Europeans can muster and foster.

For God’s sake, please understand that this administration is openly trying to create a France, or the formerly Great Britain, now Broken Britain here in the still Great USA!