Ted Kennedy, sorry family, but good riddance

It’s a difficult moment as a person, when someone that you really can’t stand passes on. The first impulse is “I’m very sorry for your loss.”On a personal level, of course I’m sorry for his grandchildren, his immediate family, and for the people that Ted Kennedy was a friend to. By all accounts, he was a genuinely nice guy.

Then. you reflect on the fact that this person was disengenous, dishonest, bitter, and utterly counter to anything that you believe in.

This is a man that absolutely destroyed a decent man, Judge Bork, with the meanest, and most vile accusations possible. He dragged up every cliche, every damaging thing that he could think of, to ruin the candidacy of a very smart guy. He said that women would be murdered, in back room abortions etc. Then, he had the audacity to scream when people dared to question Sonia Sodemayer on a professional basis.

This man was the epitome of the ivory tower liberal that proclaimed what was appropriate, and demonized any ideas that didn’t fit his version of what we had to live with.

This man literally murdered a young woman. Please, don’t argue. The double standard, and bias towards liberals in the press shielded him somehow. These are the same people that will say that CEO’s get special treatment.

This murderer let her rot for 10 Hours before he bothered to report the accident because it would tarnish his reputation. She was alive for plenty of time to be rescued. Period. Does that bother you, feminists? No, of course not, because he was a big liberal democrat.

Ted Kennedy had the cynicism to craft the “No Child Left Behind” act together with George Bush. And then spent the following year criticizing it to gain union teacher votes.

In short, this really “nice” guy, was a political opportunist, who felt that he was genuinely above the laws and details that the rest of us have to deal with on a daily basis. He is the epitome of exactly who he demonized to his constituents to push through bills that were actually more about getting additional control over Americans and their taxable pay.

I’m sorry for your loss Kennedy family, but will not miss Ted. Please don’t have me audited now.

Paul Robinson

La Mesa, CA