Worldview & the GOP

Not long after the 2012 election, I took a few minutes and completed a little survey, at the personal request of Reince Priebus. The ever-so-personal e-mails from the Chairman of the RNC are really all I need to rest assured that the GOP takes a finely tuned interest in my thoughts, beliefs and political musings. But this one — my good gosh — Reince nearly begged me to tell him how to win in 2014! Granted, I had to answer a few totally inane questions, but there are certain formalities, you know. We are talking about the RNC.

The best part was the fact that, once I finished with the pleasantries of the survey, I got to give suggestions. As best I can recall, here’s what I said:

“The GOP faces a crisis of leadership, but that is only the surface issue. Grassroots conservatives are optimistic and energetic; though frustrated, many intuitively grasp the simple fact that what we are witnessing is American postmodern pop-culture in a head-on collision with the very foundations of Western civilization, and those foundations are stronger now, because of our recent losses, than they have been for generations.

The very fact that you ask us to rank our concerns about fiscal conservatism, energy prices, taxes, government spending, and the debt; terrorism, foreign policy, and national defense; and social issues, like abortion and family values, shows you really have no idea what the root of the problem is. The reason for this failure is quite simple: you fundamentally fail to see that all of these issues are intrinsically related; that they comprise the various aspects of a particular weltanschauung, a worldview. You will continue to fail as a party until you begin to address these issues at the root cause and rigorously challenge progressive ideas as progressive ideas. We still hold the cultural high ground and it is entirely possible to take the moral and the philosophical high ground away from the opposition, but you have to know both the nature of the battle and the nature of that opposition.

Allow me to draw an analogy from World War II.

Time and again you’ve been strafed and bombed by Kamikazes. You are about to come under attack from an entire squadron of Zeros, and decisions need to be made. Should you shoot the planes down or hope they don’t spot you? You decide to shoot them down, but then argue over which one to shoot down first. Deciding that, you argue over the order in which the others should be attacked.

Sink the aircraft carrier!



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