The Sudden Silence on Swine Flu is Deafening – Whither the Emergency?

Now that more than a week has come and gone since House liberals sold off the freedom of Americans under the guise of health care late on a Saturday night, the clamor over the supposed swine flu crisis is already fading into memory. While the nation waits for the falsehoods to return before the Senate takes its vote, we should reflect upon the events which allowed the first measure to pass.

As the House vote on Pelosicare approached, liberals fabricated an H1N1 pandemic and leveraged their lapdogs in the media to manufacture the consent of the American people. According to a report in July, the virus was actually spliced together in a Wisconsin lab and released onto the public.

Investigative journalist and RT contributor, Wayne Madsen from Washington, says that the world is actually fighting a man-made tragedy. He says the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was involved in the development of the swine flu virus.

“The 1918 Spanish flu was extracted from the corpse of a dead Aleut woman, who died of the disease in a small village of Alaska, and it was combined with other forms of flu to create this particular H1N1 that was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.”

Madsen points out that, “A company called FluGen, which is associated with this research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, is now developing a vaccine. I think what we see with Baxter International, FluGen and other companies developing a vaccine when some of these companies were involved in the research of this particular form of flu.”

The possibility of a deadly virus escaping from a lab into the public was highlighted in May when a Canadian scientist was arrested for smuggling 22 vials of Ebola across the border.

A Canadian scientist has been arrested for smuggling 22 vials stolen from Canada’s National Microbiology Lab, used in Ebola and HIV research, into the United States, Canadian and US officials said Wednesday.

Konan Michel Yao, 42, “was taken into custody” while crossing the border from Manitoba province into the western US state of North Dakota on May 5, said a spokeswoman for the Public Health Agency of Canada, which operates the lab.

According to US prosecutor Lynn Jordheim, Yao was detained for carrying unidentified biological materials in vials wrapped in aluminium foil inside a glove and packaged in a plastic bag, along with electrical wires, in the trunk of his car.

Despite these efforts, the swine flu count still had to be exaggerated in order to create numbers which would influence public opinion.

Once the notion of a pandemic was established, political figures such as HHS Secretary Sebelius publicly urged Americans to take the swine flu vaccine, despite the fact that she was giving legal immunity to the drug makers behind closed doors.

To further stoke public fears, the Council on Foreign Relations has admittedly used the tactic of false scarcity to create demand for the H1N1 vaccine.

The result has been a wave of vaccination fever.

All of this commotion is because of the H1N1 vaccine. There are two versions: the mist version and the injectable version. The injectable version primarily goes to children who are under two years-old and pregnant women. The mist version is for healthier children who are over two years-old and healthy healthcare workers.

The crowds these days have been spurred on to some extent by news of a possible shortage of the vaccine. Over 250 million doses of vaccine are supposed to be disbursed across the country by the end of the year, each state receiving them in increments.

But Montgomery County has been told it will receive only half of what it needs by the end of the month – with promises of much more to come later.

Health officer Dr Ulder Tillman promised that “It may be a trickle now. It will turn into a stream. It will be a river by the end of the year.”

While exploiting their fabricated pandemic to promote the expansion of government power, politicians ignore the side effects of vaccination, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is as dangerous as the swine flu virus itself.

A 14-year-old Virginia boy is weak and struggling to walk after coming down with a reported case of Guillain-Barre syndrome within hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine for swine flu…

GBS is among the most severe adverse events being tracked with updated systems developed by the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration and the American Academy of Neurology in order to monitor the rollout of the H1N1 flu vaccine.

So far, CDC officials have received about 1,700 reports of adverse events linked to the new shot.

In Minnesota, a 4 year old boy nearly died after receiving the H1N1 shot.

A four-year-old Rochester boy is recovering after nearly dying after being vaccinated for H1N1.

Dad Cadmar Akara says his preschooler started showing symptoms shortly after getting the shot Tuesday afternoon from the Mayo northeast Family Clinic.

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