Marine Vet. David Hedrick for Congress – Washington 3rd District

In August, a Marine Corp. veteran living in Washington loudly expressed his displeasure with his Congressman’s approval of a measure which threatens to impose the will of immoral bureaucrats upon his children.

I swear to defend my constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now I heard you say tonight about educating our children, indoctrinating our children, whatever you want to call it. Stay away from my kids. I also heard you say that you’re going to let us keep our health insurance. Well, thank you. It’s not your right to decide whether or not I keep my plan or not. What I want to know is as a marine, as a disabled veteran that served this country, I’ve kept my oath. Do you ever intend to keep yours?

Fox and Friends


Following the episode, David Hedrick decided to join the ranks of the rapidly expanding faction of Constitutional conservatives fighting to restore our freedom. He pledged to serve the people of the 3rd district of Washington by taking the conflict to Congress. His platform on health care directly opposes the socialist constrictions espoused by his political opponent.

When looking to curb the rising cost of healthcare, we must not forget the historical lessons of the past. Government run health care systems have been tried all over the world and they all have one thing in common. They all failed their supposed beneficiaries.

While searching for solutions, we must not forget that most of the problems with our current health care system are in fact, government created and/or facilitated problems.

Costs in health care could be easily reined in by:

  • Ending government restrictions that prevent insurance companies from competing across state borders.
  • Ending the abusive practice of limitless non-economic lawsuit claims by trial lawyers, who in exchange provide politicians with generous campaign contributions.
  • Ending government practices that act to prevent health insurance plans from being purchased by individuals in favor of employer driven plans that reduce competition.

Another major issue which incited David’s run for Congress is the abadonment of fiscal discipline in our nation’s capitol.

Our elected representatives on the national stage have abandoned any pretense of fiscal responsibility. Instead, they are behaving like teenagers with their parent’s credit card. They demand increased taxes at every turn and all the while, they write checks that the treasury department can’t afford to cash. Our nation does not have an earnings problem.  It has a spending problem. As it now stands, the word trillion is common place when referring to our nation’s debts. In spite of this, today’s politicians insanely demand that the cure is yet more Federal spending.

This egregious debt accumulation borders on criminal conduct, as it robs future generations of Americans and destroys their hopes of prosperity. Our children and grandchildren have done nothing to deserve being enslaved to a debt brought about by this government’s largess. It is time to reign-in out of control government spending. We must adopt the same strategy that so many families in this nation have adopted, to get out from under their own burdensome debt. If we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it.

Hedrick is pro-life, a strong proponent for gun rights, and believes that federal government should be limited to its role as defined in our Constitution. He has been endorsed by the 9/12 project.

9/12 Speech

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