Robert Broadus for Congress – Maryland 4th District

Constitutional conservative Robert Broadus, a Navy veteran, is running for Congress in the 4th district of Maryland. He is strongly opposed to nationalized healthcare and voiced his discontent with Senator Ben Cardin at a Town Hall this summer.

Audience members could offer questions on cards that were passed out as they entered the Prince George’s County Community College Student Center, or they could line up at microphones to offer them in person.

Perhaps the most controversial, came from Robert Broadus of Clinton, Maryland, an audience member who had lost his job and replaced it with one that paid him far less money.

“I decided not to get the health insurance. That’s working out for me because I’m able to save that extra money and give it to my family members and use it on myself. Senator Cardin, I want to know are you going to tell me an individual…that I have to buy health care or else you’re going to fine me $2,500 every year I don’t get it? Our founding fathers assured us we have a Bill of Rights and I want to see you uphold that,” Broadus said in an increasingly emotional voice and to scattered applause.

In accordance with the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the ability to provide healthcare is a power reserved to the States and the People. While it is clear that many of Maryland’s citizens are unhappy with the quality of healthcare they are receiving, this is a result of poor performance on the parts of the Governor, the Legislature, and the county governments. A proper fix to this situation would be to identify incumbent politicians who have perpetuated the State’s healthcare problems and vote them out of office, replacing them with legislators who have productive ideas about how to bring more money into the State and who can work with area hospitals to improve the process of providing healthcare.

Naitonalized Healthcare is not a viable solution. Everywhere that Universal Healthcare has been attempted, it has failed or bankrupted the State, including Massachusetts, Oregon, and Hawaii. It would be a horrible economic mistake to try to implement a medical plan that has proven to be failure everywhere it has been tried on the entriety of the nation. Furthermore, in order to allow for the system to pay for those who do not work, mandatory participation would be required. Like Social Security and Medicare, this would be Unconstitutional and would violate the 13th Amendment.

Broadus disagrees with the sitting Congresswoman, Donna Edwards, over her interpretation of our country’s founding document.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (MD-4) answers a question about the Constitution and states there are “responsibilities that government has to its citizenry that are not spelled out…in the Constitution.” Is this how she interprets the Supreme Law of the Land? As a document where powers can be read in that are not “spelled out” by its authors? Is this how we should interpret all our laws? Is this the kind of person we can trust to uphold & defend the Constitution? The answer is, “no.”

Robert attended tea parties to protest the wreckless sloth which is consuming Washington D.C.

Hundreds of Thousands of people gathered all across the nation to celebrate Independence Day in a show of patriotism and to protest the wreckless, excessive spending being done by the nation’s leaders in Washington, DC. As the original American Revolution was fought over the issue of unjust taxes, today are we enjoined again in a struggle against a tyrannical government bent on taxing us to death. Neither our Senators, our Representatives in Congress, nor the President has listened to us, passing numerous “stimulus” bills which have failed to create jobs, have destroyed prosperity, and have increased the tax burden on all working Americans. All of this spending violates the Constitution and harms the American People by promising payment on a debt owed by this generation as well as by countless generations yet to be born. A direct tax on incomes violate our 5th and 14th Amendment rights to property and create the false appearance that the nation is able to manage its financial responsibilities. Yet looking at our ever-expanding national debt, it is clear that the nation is fiscally irresponsible and is incapable of settling its liabilities. The proper solution can only be reached by reducing spending and taking the tax burden off of the American people by repealing the 16th Amendment.

Broadus has the endorsement of the president of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins. He strongly opposes any legislation that changes the traditional definition of marriage, which inevitably leads to the demoralization of our children.

It should be crystal clear that the tactics of the Democratic Party and the Left are ruthless, godless, and irreverent. Our rights are being stripped away, and any who dissent are methodically destroyed. A woman like Sarah Palin or Carrie Prejean who speaks for her God and her faith is a threat to them, to be subjected to endless scorn and shamed into silence. Any Blacks who oppose the Socialist-Atheist agenda of the Democrats are either branded as “Uncle Toms” or are physically threatened… Those among us who wish to keep our nation strong and preserve our rights should band together and work for the cause of freedom by ensuring that in the next election and all elections to come, we make our voices heard in government. It’s time to stop lying down and letting others who don’t share our values decide how our nation will be governed.

Broadus also has the support of Dick Heller, who won a historic victory at the Supreme Court against the District of Columbia for the right to bear arms.

The Supreme Court’s historic decision carving out an individual right to gun ownership immediately cast doubt on gun restrictions nationwide, as firearms-rights advocates prepared to file a new round of lawsuits testing the scope of the ruling…

[The] case was brought by Dick Heller, a security guard who wanted a handgun in his Washington, D.C., home for self-defense. Heller had been turned down by D.C. officials under the city’s 1976 ban on handguns in the home.

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