Liberal Media Attacks Schiff, Answer Them with Moneybomb on Nov 5th (CT-Sen)

The free market is under assault by leftists seeking to consolidate power in Washington. Patriots such as Peter Schiff are sacrificing their careers to take them on. Liberals like Chris Dodd are feeling the heat and have summoned their media attack dogs. Watch as Ed Schultz tries to slander the Connecticut Republican Senate candidate:

Let us not tolerate these insidious smears from the left, who demonstrate no respect for our Constitution and those who uphold it. Show your support by signing up for the November 5th Moneybomb at www.schiffsuperbomb.com.

ThisNovember5th.com - multi-candidate mass donation dayColumnist Frank Ahrens, who recently interviewed Schiff, describes him as a ‘Hardcore Free Marketeer’.

President Obama has said the United States should move away from this boom-and-bust cycle. But aren’t booms and busts part of the market?

They’re not part of the market until the government blows up the bubble. So whenever you really have a bubble, generally speaking, the government is blowing the air into it. To say that we have to stop the booms and busts, you’d have to stop the booms. If you don’t stop the booms, the busts are inevitable. So where do booms come from? They come from cheap money. They come from interest rates too low. We need the government to stop inflating bubbles. We don’t need a super regulator. We already have a super regulator. It’s called the free market. The free market regulates if it’s left alone. The problem is, if it’s not left alone, it doesn’t work.

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