RJ Harris in ‘A New America’ (OK-04)

RJ Harris, an Iraq war veteran, Constitutional conservative, and Congressional candidate in Oklahoma’s 4th district, appears in the film ‘A New America’, which premiered on October 1st (to support RJ, go to rjharris2010.com).

RJ Harris – A New America

As so-called progressive politicians in Washington sell out the people at nearly every opportunity, citizens are returning to their conservative roots and forming a phalanx around the body of our Constitution to fight for the freedom upon which our forefathers founded this great country.

RJ Harris was the first candidate to be endorsed by the 9/12 Project.

RJ Harris was the first 912 candidate in the nation. He full heartedly agreed to sign the contract and submit to the principles and values articulated by Glenn Beck and the 912 Project. Today as thousands march on D.C., and millions watch around the world. Mr. Harris is preparing for the biggest battle of our generation. The battle to restore our constitution, republic, and 9 principles and 12 values of the 912 project is among us.

Harris believes that we can win this battle through peaceful, yet strongly motivated, activism and charge to take back our Congress!

In the midst of bailouts, socialism, GIVE acts, continued involvement into our personal lives, and the expansion of the Federal Government, there are individuals and large bodies of activists coming together for the cause of Freedom. Harris has the integrity and leadership—being a Sgt. And leader of two platoons in the Army National Guard, and an expert on the U.S. Constitution – to lead other 912 candidates and this great nation in the fight to restore our Republic!

Harris was recently interviewed by radio host W.E. Messamore

W. E. Messamore: So what specific policy prescriptions would you propose to fix our nation’s economic problems, for instance the health insurance industry, the finance industry, and our economy in general?

RJ Harris: Well, the first thing that’s got to to happen is we have got to stop getting involved in individual welfare. That right there causes a lot of problems because it spends money unconstitutionally, and it causes unintended consequences for the various markets for which they were spent.

The other thing is- we need to retake the delegated authority given to the Federal Reserve and take it back to the Congress. That authority has improperly been delegated and Dr. Paul has articulated way better than anyone in the last several decades how the Federal Reserve and their unconstitutional currencies they float cause these business cycles. And their cheap money and their artificial inflation of money and credit- that’s what’s causing a lot of this financial meltdown.

As for the health care industry- remember that health care is an example of individual welfare, so the Federal government doesn’t have the authority to provide that. A lot of folks out there want to say “RJ, you’re being so heartless- what about people who are indigent and need help?”

Well the different pieces of the Constitution come together to make an answer for a modern problem- and that is under the tenth amendment, we see that any powers not given directly to the Congress under the Constitution are reserved to the people and the states respectively, i.e. equally, and so the states, working with their citizens, can decide whether they want to have free market solutions, or whether they want state-based solutions for health care, but it has nothing to do with the Federal government.

W. E. Messamore: You served in our nation’s military- tell me a little more about that.

RJ Harris: I’m a currently serving Army National Guard officer, and I’ve been in either the national guard or the regular army for 18 years now, pushing 19. Two combat tours in Iraq and one peacekeeping mission in Korea.

W. E. Messamore: What did you learn in your experiences and how would that affect your view of legislation as it relates to military and foreign policy?

RJ Harris: When I became a sergeant, that’s when I read the Constitution for the first time because I had to swear an oath to uphold and defend it, so it dawned on me that I should probably read it. And immediately I started seeing all kinds of things that our government was doing that was askance of that document. The government is breaking its own supreme law constantly.

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