Iraq Veteran Jesse Kelly running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th district

The army of constitutional conservatives running for the U.S. Congress in 2010 continues to grow as former Marine and Iraq war veteran Jesse Kelly has pledged to serve his future constituents in the 8th district of Arizona (www.votejessekelly.com).

Appearance on Fox’s Freedom Watch

About Jesse:

After serving our country, Jesse moved on to work in the family construction business in Tucson, AZ. Managing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for state and local governments, his duties include: estimating, scheduling, budget analysis, and human resource management.

Jesse’s wife Aubrey attended the University of Arizona on a gymnastics scholarship graduating with a degree in Accounting. Jesse and Aubrey are proud parents of their infant son James. Their family attends Alive Christian Fellowship Church of Tucson.

On the issues:

Taxes and Spending

We must keep taxes low on both individuals and corporations in order to grow our economy and compete in the global marketplace. I support stopping the bailouts and letting the free markets work.

The incumbent portrays herself as a fiscal conservative but she supported the stimulus and the massive debt creating budgets enacted by our current administration. I will work to stop debt creating stimulus spending and reduce the size and scope of our government.

Health Care

I oppose Obama-care and the rationing of health care. We must reform tort laws to lower health care costs for all Americans. I support a “health care court” in lieu of the current lottery system that encourages egregious lawsuits in order to stop defensive medicine and rising malpractice costs.

The FDA needs to be restructured in order to lower the cost of life-saving pharmaceutical drugs. I support an increase in the amount allowed into tax-free health savings accounts.

We should enable insurance companies to sell health insurance across state lines, as they do car and life insurance.

We should allow small businesses to band together in order to increase their purchasing power and reduce their costs.

We need to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud, saving us hundreds of millions a year.

Finally, we should allow individuals to be able to pay for insurance premiums through their own private, health savings accounts, with the same type of tax incentives that corporations have.

Sanctity of Human Life

I support and will defend life from conception to natural end.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is not just about hunting. It is about the right of a free people to defend themselves which is why I am a strong supporter of the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

National Defense

We live in a time when our enemies test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles capable of reaching American interests. Terrorists continue to plot attacks against America and her interests. We must fully fund our nation’s military and ensure the men and women in uniform have the tools, training, and care they need and deserve.

Our government has a constitutional obligation to protect its citizens. Border security needs to be a top National Defense priority. I am committed to fully funding vital military systems such as missile defense and upgrading our fighter and bomber fleets.

Tucson Town Hall

Sher Zieve recently interviewed Jesse.

Sher: Jesse, first of all I’d like to thank you for taking time from your campaign for this interview. Coming from a Conservative position, you’re campaigning for the position of Congressional Representative of Arizona’s 8th District. You’re campaigning against the incumbent Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. I understand that Rep. Giffords was one of those who ran as a “blue dog” so-called fiscally more conservative Democrat when the anti-Bush sentiment was high. But, Giffords has voted consistently for Obama’s and Congress’ leftist — if not Marxist — legislation.

Is this the reason you became involved in your 2010 political campaign?

Jesse: Absolutely. This nation is being radically transformed before our eyes and Rep. Giffords has proven to be a willing participant in this transformation. Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District is nominally a Republican district and Rep. Giffords had to run as a “blue dog” in a bad year in order to get elected. Sadly, she has turned out to be Arizona’s version of Nancy Pelosi. The good news is that she can no longer hide from her extreme voting record.

Sher: Nowadays, running against the current administration in power cam be a very daunting task and I look upon those who do so as being extremely courageous. What do you perceive as your ultimate purpose in running for Congressional Representative?

Jesse: Quite simply, my purpose is to do my part to get this nation back to the founding principles that made it great. We did not become the most magnificent country in the history of the world because of government. It is the freedom from government control that has made America prosper. I fear for the future of our nation if we cannot elect representatives who love this nation and are committed to putting government back in its rightful place.

Kelly also spoke with Linda Prussen-Razzano.

“I love my country. I was perfectly happy with my life, but I knew coming up to the [2008] election just how radical this President was.” Alarmed by events in Washington, Jesse concluded, “I will not let him spend my [infant] son into debt before he is old enough to walk.”

Did his wife, Aubrey, support his decision? Jesse revealed that he met his wife after his tour of duty ended in 2004, and that his congressional run was a decision “we made together.” Serving in Congress was “100% ‘our goal’.”

When asked which three initiatives he would like to accomplish during his time in Congress, if elected, he paused. “It’s hard to limit it to just three…there are so many…returning to limited, constitutional government, cutting taxes, funding for our security, border security, energy independence, making second amendment rights safe from interference, restoring our rights and our liberties..”

With Arizona being a border state, I knew that they felt the full effects of border traffic. “First, I would secure the border. You must patch the leak in the boat before you start bailing water.” Jesse saw the border issue as critical to national security, because aside from people “…we are importing drugs and crime.” He wanted to implement the double-row of fences that parts of California had in place, which successfully stopped the flow of illegal aliens into certain parts of the State. Then, he would turn his attention to businesses who hired illegals. “People need to come into the country legally, on our terms, like our ancestors did.”

Campaign Endorsements:

  • Former Congressman and Chairman of House Armed Services Committee, Duncan L. Hunter
  • Congressman Trent Franks, AZ-2
  • Congressman Frank Wolf, VA-10
  • Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, CA-52
  • Arizona State Senator Al Melvin, LD-26
  • Town of Marana Councilwoman, Roxanne Ziegler
  • Town of Sahuarita Councilwoman, Kara Egbert
  • Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Founder and Medical Director of Her Place: Health Enhancement and Renewal for Women
  • Arizona State Coordinator of Smart Girl Politics, Karen MacKean
  • Minuteman PAC
  • Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC

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