RJ Harris seeks to represent Oklahoma's 4th District

Constitutional conservative RJ Harris, an Air Traffic Control Platoon Leader who has served two tours of duty in Iraq and 18 years in the Oklahoma National Guard, is running to represent the 4th district of his state in Congress. Here’s the biography from his website www.rjharris2010.com

First and foremost, I am the husband to Jennifer R. (Friend) Harris. She is my wife of eighteen years and the mother of our five children: Mercedes Elaine 14, Georgia Michelle, 8, Wyatt Marshall 3, Peyton Optimus 1, and Braxton Magnus 1. In addition to being a Mother of five, Jennifer is an accomplished professional in her own right having earned her Bachelor’s of Accounting from Arizona State University in 1998.

I have served our country on three deployments: one for a peacekeeping mission in Korea and two for the Iraq war. Both of the war deployments were with the Army National Guard. Additionally, I have used my military Air Traffic Control Training to work for the Federal Aviation Administration. Desiring at one point to try my hand in business, I founded a small chain of games/toy stores, which unfortunately did not survive the economic downturn of 2001. In 2006, I decided to return to college to make a civilian career change from aviation to law; although, I do continue my aviation career in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as an Air Traffic Control Platoon Leader for two Platoons in the 1-245th Aviation Regiment. I completed the undergraduate portion of my education in Philosophy this past May at the University of Oklahoma. Currently, I am a First Year Law Student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

The primary mission of this campaign is to elect a Constitutional Conservative to represent the people of the 4th Oklahoma Congressional District. Execution of this mission includes an educational effort to make Oklahomans aware of the liberties that are being robbed from them by a central government, which has been operating outside the strictures of the Constitution for far too long. The Republican Party promised to fight to reduce, restrict, and restrain the size and scope of government and I am running to make good on that promise for the people of the Fourth District. Nearly as important, I intend to carry a message to Washington, from the people of Oklahoma, which puts the US Congress on notice that the days of their infringement into our States Rights and Sovereignty are coming to an end.


RJ Harris
Norman, OK
OK Dist4 Congressional Candidate
Constitutional Conservative Republican

Harris is a strong supporter of state’s rights and opposes giving Congress additional regulatory powers.

The Congress should immediately stop interfering with the internal commerce functions of the States. Additionally the Congress should pass an amendment, and send it out to the States for Ratification, overruling the Supreme Courts interpretations of the Commerce Clause. Additionally, the Congress should immediately stop all expenditures for private company bailouts and allow defunct corporations, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to fail. There is convincing evidence that the current financial and economic crisis was caused by the socialist manipulation of these two entities by key Congressional Regulatory and oversight bodies. Independent Counsels should be appointed to investigate these allegations immediately. The specter of failure is what keeps companies honest and encourages them to make good decisions.

The only powers the Constitution gives the Congress to regulate the economy is the Congress’ power over Duties, Imposts, Excises, and regulating commerce with Foreign Nations, Indian Tribes, and among the several States. This last is important because the Federal Government was to be an arbiter between the States regarding commerce to ensure that they dealt fairly with one another and that actions by any one State would not be allowed to disturb the economies of the others or the Country as a whole. The text does not facially allow the Congress to meddle in the internal commercial affairs of a Sovereign State. The Supreme Court has disagreed with this assessment and has, for a long time, given Congress over-wide latitude in the use of the Commerce Clause as a regulatory instrument upon the States. The Congress may override the Supreme Court’s extension of this super-constitutional power with the passage of an amendment that requires a return to the original intent of the Commerce Clause.

That being said, and preserving liberty being one of the primary functions of government, it does however fall to the government to ensure that the free market remain protected. This is because free markets are required for liberty to exist and flourish. Liberty requires that citizens be able to make the choices that are best for them and free markets allow them to make those choices. Therefore, the Congress should actively prevent the formation of monopolies, cartels, oligarchies, and other market manipulations. This regulatory function is contained within the Commerce Clause, but our Congress has been neglectful enforcing it of late. Giant corporations have been, and still are, allowed to form through mergers and acquisitions, which have resulted in the current climate of “companies that are too big to fail.” Through anti-trust regulation, and for the preservation of liberty through the protection of free markets, no company should ever be allowed to become “too big to fail.” Lastly, it should be self-evident that bailing out private companies with taxpayer Money is not an expenditure for the general Welfare.

He believes that the road to tyranny is paved through deficit spending.

Deficit spending must immediately cease and all unconstitutional programs must be eliminated from the budget. All revenue, save that needed for the common defense, the general welfare, and certain entitlements now relied on for survival, should be re-directed to eliminate the national debt until it is repaid. The income tax on Americans should be eliminated and the sixteenth amendment repealed since the war it was intended to fund ended in 1919. Corporate income tax rates should be reset at 10% across the board. Excises, imposts, and duties should be adjusted so as to be able to pay for the National Infrastructure required for interstate trade and the Naval Forces required to protect the import/export of our goods and services. These adjustments would cause an explosion of wealth and growth in our economy the likes of which has not been seen in anyone’s lifetime. If all illegal spending ended, the considerable revenue generated by the aforementioned explosive economic growth would more than provide the nation with the funds needed for it to function.

To repay the debt we have allowed our Congress to accumulate, every citizen owes $34,778.50. Soon, interest payments on this debt will exceed tax revenues. Article I § 8 of the Constitution states “…Congress shall have the Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States;…” According to this, the United States may only go into debt or raise taxes providing for the common Defense or general Welfare. Additionally, even if there are legitimate expenditures that may be justified, budgetary constraints are supposed to force a prioritization process upon Congressional spending. However, to get around these legal and economical limitations the Congress has devised a new tax, which is not ever referred to as such but is otherwise known as deficit spending.

The Congress deficit spends when it does not have enough tax revenue for all the expenditures it wants. Deficit spending requires the creation of new Currency in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. This new currency dilutes that which is already in circulation, which in turn results in the loss of value of that circulating currency. The end result is an inflationary cycle which slowly destroys the value of our collective savings and requires investment in “ponzi schemes” to generate inflated gains simply to keep up with inflation. Compared to gold and silver Money, inflation has been and always will be relatively flat.