Obama Wants to Control the Weather

If you think it’s appalling that the government is trying to takeover the banking and insurance sectors, how would you feel if tried to impose its will on mother nature? A member of the president’s cabinet has suggested they may have no choice but to intervene.

The global warming situation has become so dire that Barack Obama‘s chief scientific adviser has raised with the president the possibility of massive-scale technological fixes to alter the climate known as ‘geo-engineering‘.

John Holdren, who is a member of the president’s cabinet, said today the drastic measures should not be “off the table” in discussions on how best to tackle climate change. While his office insisted that he was not proposing a dramatic switch in policy, Holdren said geo-engineering could not be ruled out.

“It’s got to be looked at. We don’t have the luxury of taking any approach off the table,” Holdren said in an interview with Associated Press. He made clear these were his personal views.

Among the geo-engineering proposals are mirrors in space, sulfur spraying planes, and seeding the oceans with iron. The goal behind the various ideas is to lower the surface temperature of the planet by either blocking radiation heat from the sun or absorbing excess carbon dioxide.

Climate change is occurring faster than predicted, and the risks are growing day by day. Altering the Earth’s systems in order to help cool the planet may soon be the only option, many scientists believe, as our runaway appetite for fossil fuels overtakes our good intentions on emissions.

“The chances of reducing emissions fast enough now are very low,” said Stephen Salter, professor of engineering design at Edinburgh University. “This is a jolly strong reason to look at alternatives. It’s an insurance policy.”

The science of altering the world’s natural systems is called geo-engineering. Once on the whacky fringes of scientific research, the subject is rapidly becoming mainstream, attracting serious attention from academics and governments.

Some citizens believe that the government has already covertly begun its geo-engineering program by shooting sulfur particles into the stratosphere. The phenomenon, which can supposedly be identified as lingering chemical contrails, is being blamed for widespread particulate pollution. Its claimed that the operation has been running since the Clinton administration.

Since the early to mid 1990’s in the USA, there have been reports and photographs of unusual chemtrail patterns from various locations throughout the USA and other world wide geographical locations. When official military or government agencies were queried by alert sky watchers, the explanations, if there was even a response, were quite unsatisfactory.

…The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA has rejected offers to analyze chemtrail samples from Dr. Len Horowitz, while in Northern Idaho, and researcher Clifford Carnicom of Santa Fe, NM. But they and concerned citizens in Las Vegas, NV, Mt. Shasta, CA, and Eastern Arkansas, all managed to get independent laboratory analysis done on samples from soil, water, and the air.

The results were similar with all of them and have been reported to compare with other analysis from North American and European locations. Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Titanium, Magnesium, and BannEthylene dibromide (dibromethane) or EDB are the essential elements of the chemtrail.

Documentary Aerosol Crimes by Clifford Carnicom

The toxic metal molecules which reflect sunlight also can invade human cells and disrupt biological processes.

Toxic metal molecules, such as aluminum and barium within the sprayed chemtrails, invade various cells and perform a “molecular mimicry.” This mimicry involves displacing important mineral molecules in human cells and binding toxic molecules to those host cells. Eventually, a destructive process occurs on cellular and DNA levels. Because of that binding, a chelating agent is needed to remove those mimicking molecules.

Hair analysis, urine testing, and blood testing can provide a detailed list of metal toxins and their levels. Those tests are not accessible to everyone. If you are in a chemtrailed area and you are experiencing less than normal health, problems focusing, lethargy, low energy, and memory problems, it wouldn`t be a bad idea to look into any form of chelation within your budget or comfort zone.

The word [chelation] is derived from chelae, which means claw or pincer. The idea is to remove blockages or toxins through microscope “claws” or “traps”. These traps are contained in liquids for the body`s assimilation. Then the toxins, now captured and trapped in other molecules, can be eliminated by the body`s normal digestive process. There are chelation agents, such as EDTA, which can be administered intravenously or orally.