Megachurch Pastor Calls Anti-Trump Christian Conservatives ‘Hypocrites’ and ‘Fools’

Anti-Trump conservative hold-outs are used to the name calling and condescension from all levels of Trump supporters, including reluctant new Trump voters, at this point. On the Fox News Channel Friday evening, following a live broadcast of Donald Trump’s speech at the Values Voter Summit, Dallas megachurch pastor and radio show host, Dr. Robert Jeffress, decided to take it upon himself to call out anti-Trump (and likely anti-Hillary, as well) Christian conservatives by referring to them by a host of derogatory names.

While some focused on the sillier sounding terms, such as “mamby pamby” and “panty-waisted and weak kneed,” he also went biblically nuclear by using terms Christian conservatives take very seriously. He called them “hypocrites” and “fools” for “sitting at home” and said they were “throwing away their vote” by voting third party.



Whatever dictionary Jeffress uses, rest assured it isn’t any of the widely accepted versions…or even Wikipedia. Christian conservatives who eschew dishonesty, hubris, adultery, selfishness, etc., but do value the traits that Christians are told are necessary in a good leader, are the hypocrites here? I think not. The hypocrites Jeffress should be pointing at, if he’s really looking for people to call names, are the Evangelicals who voted for Trump when there were far more upright and godly candidates to choose from.

As for calling Christian conservatives who choose not to vote for Trump fools, I’ll admit to being more than a little bit shocked that he would use that word to describe Christians following their conscience and believing it is the only thing to do when presented with two candidates who show no reverence for God or religion in their lives. Also, if Trump were a Democrat, the outcry from people like Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr. over his antics, history and injudicious speech would likely be as harsh, and correct, as they are toward Hillary.

The Bible says in Matthew that those who call others a fool will be liable to hell, so it’s kind of a big deal in households where Jeffress gets airtime. Growing up in a very much living-your-faith Christian family, using the word “fool” is still a word I won’t use as a non-religious (sometimes foul-mouthed) adult. As a pastor for decades, there is no way I can believe that Jeffress didn’t know exactly what he was saying.

If the Bible is the lens through which you process the world around you, as ostensibly a pastor would, then maybe you should stop to think about the examples laid out in the books of 1 and 2 Kings — or the story of Nebuchadnezzar, who as king stood on his tower and glorified himself rather than God and was punished for it — and not be so quick to call your brothers and sisters in Christ hypocrites, or risk your soul by calling them fools over an election with two extremely bad, unrighteous candidates.