The time is near for the most important election in my lifetime, and yours.

Incumbent Democrats may now be acting as if they have finally heard the electorate and are turning to a more representative position; but when the election has passed, and if they retain their seats, who can doubt that they will return to the same path of ignoring their constituents?

For many years moderate Republicans have failed to hold the line against creeping progressivism. In fact, in many cases they have embraced it, hoping to appeal to “moderate” voters. And, they have gladly loaded onto the special interest gravy train that Washington has become, in order to maintain their careers as politicians.

But, the real problem is that many American voters have grown unaware. They are unaware that radical progressivism even exists and that people are trying to alter the American free market system. They casually accept the hype about the need to be “modern” and to revise the Constitution to suit the current needs of a more diverse nation. They have grown to believe that all the truly bad things that can happen to the country are in the past and that nothing is really going to change. They believe that America has endless wealth. They believe that a few tweaks of the system will get them a bigger piece of the pie and then all will be well. They believe that we are in a normal recession and that soon we will have a normal upturn and return to prosperity. They are unaware that our national sovereignty is being trampled. They are unaware that they have sovereignty as individuals. Many are unaware that they live in a Republic. They believe that the current administration is simply different—that it is the result of a modern and youthful national outlook.

Obama is the wake-up call that some Americans can’t fully comprehend. Some are beginning to get it, as the polls show, but many are still expecting that “hope and change” will take us to a utopian place where everything is right. Or, they simply don’t see past the biased message being carried by the liberal media. But, it was the American people who elected a radical progressive as President, and he is doing what radicals do–trying to bring down the free market system and “fundamentally transform” America, into something that is his own vision. And, he is not alone in his quest. Apparently many Democrats in Congress are equally radical, or possibly, just radically inept and self-promoting.
If we elect enough Republicans in November (yes, Republicans of any flavor, who are candidates in the race against the Democrats), then we can hope to hold even until 2012 and a new election for President. But, make no mistake, if we don’t significantly change Congress in November, the Republic will not look like anything we ever knew by 2013. Obama is on his mission and on his game–he will not stop or change directions, regardless of what he may say or imply. And, the incumbent Democrats seem willing to support any issue the administration proposes, when an election is not imminent and the offers for their votes are adequate.

If we can successfully change the quality of Congress in November, then we have a respite from the deluge of Socialism and can begin the work of electing a patriot to the presidency in 2012; and to begin to repair the Republic.

The Founders warned us about becoming weak and uncaring, and of the dangers of failing to defend the Republic and our special and superior system.

The American voter created this debacle, and the American voter must fix it. And, we conservatives must help them see why and how.