Joined REDSTATE today

What a great day to join REDSTATE. The clouds have parted from the horizon and a fresh wind has arrived from Alaska. What a perfect day!

The more the pundits attack Gov. Palin the more votes shes going to bring in. As Governor of Alaska she has done far more good in two years than Bill Clinton ever did in the State of Arkansas. I’m not even sure he ever did anything good in Arkansas.

We win with this ticket. From the seven states seen already moving back in McCain’s direction (Rasmussen) it would from mere polling data appear to be a landslide in the making, but in my old GUT I can sense that this will happen with our without the poll numbers to back it up. I KNOW this will happen. This team wins, they just need to go out and claim it. WE WILL WIN.

Glad to be here. I look forward to joining in the discussion.