Ben Carson in the WSJ, 2/11/16

In many articles about the GOP presidential campaign, Wall Street Journal reporters and columnists repeatedly ignore or misrepresent Dr. Ben Carson. He is polling 4th nationally according to Reuters on Thursday morning. Dr. Carson says, repeatedly, that he isn’t quitting. At least Mr. Henninger briefly mentioned that in “Trump Among the Canaries”.

But how are the voters to know that?

The cover story, “The Man Behind Trump Being Trump,” included this inaccurate statement: “That still leaves four candidates – Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – battling to derail Trump.”

Gee, voters might think Carson is out – but he’s not!

Then in “Survivors Have the Cash to Stay the Course,” Dr. Carson is mentioned at the end of the article with this inaccurate statement:

“Meanwhile the campaign of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who finished last [please note he wasn’t last, Mr. Gilmore was] might not be long for this world. While Mr. Carson has consistently posted some of the highest fund-raising totals in the field, he has devoted a large portion of his spending to fund-raising, rather than to other campaign expenses.”

In other words, don’t bother considering him even though he raised the most money. Why didn’t you mention that it was all from small donors? Dr. Carson doesn’t take money from special interests or billionaires seeking a quid pro quo. That is a good thing to the average American, but it must spell trouble for the dark-side of the political class in the halls of government and the 4th estate. And if you think he is spending his money in non-traditional ways, so what? Perhaps it’s because he’s a non-traditional candidate.

So WSJ, according to your own reporting, is Carson in, out or on the edge? The truth is Dr. Ben Carson is in this campaign for the long haul. It is what he signed up for. It is what his supporters expect.

Dr. Ben Carson is a man of great integrity who said he would rather lose the election than lie. He is a man of great intelligence who has spent a life-time solving complex problems. Even the WSJ praised his pro-growth flat-tax plan.

Dr. Carson is a healer and will bring the disparate factions of our nation together. He is a man of great strength, standing on principles and speaking truth to power. Remember the 2013 Prayer Breakfast? It was the WSJ that wrote ”Ben Carson for President” after that! Who got to you?

The American people deserve the truth from the press if they are going to make wise decisions. If the WSJ isn’t reporting the truth about Dr. Carson, what else are they lying about? I’m cancelling my WSJ subscription and sending the money to Dr. Carson. At least he’ll tell me the truth.