Tea Party in Nashville, TN a huge success!

In spite of less than a week to plan the event, scant publicity, and a cold, drizzly day, over 500 conservatives promoting fiscal responsibility met on Legislative Plaza in Nashville today at noon. The crowd was estimated to number around 600, with attendees mostly from the Nashville area, but several of us drove over from Knoxville and there was at least one group of people from Huntsville, AL. The crowd was incredibly diverse, with working folks dressed in business attire from suits and ties to “casual Friday,” retired folks, moms with young children, and a good number of 20-something young republicans (how encouraging!). I called my local talk radio station to mention the event as I was driving over the Plateau this morning, and they managed to get a reporter to Nashville in time to cover the event.

For some great pictures, check out Michelle Malkin’s website here . Ms. Malkin reports:

“I’ve got tons of photos and e-mails pouring in from Tea Party people across the country. I joked to a Christian Science Monitor reporter covering the events that fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture. More coverage/photos/livestreaming at TCOT Report.

There is, as the old ’60s song goes, something happening here. And what it is, is very clear: A grass-roots revolt against the culture of entitlement. The spendzillas in Washington do not speak for us.”

For 45 minutes today, I was buoyed up by the spirit and determination of the people in this great country who still believe in liberty, freedom, and are opposed to the socialist hijacking that is happening before our very eyes. Hopefully there will be more and more grassroots gatherings like this, and we can make a difference. One of the speakers made a suggestion that each of us to send a tea bag to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on APRIL 1.