Plan to attend a Tea Party in your area

It’s been a few days since we were energized by Rick Santelli going off on Obama from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Stock Exchange, but there is still an untapped groundswell of discontent and resentment in this country for the policies and agenda that Obama and his administration are bringing down on America. I think that the media missed the boat on its analysis of the Non-State-of-the-Union Address last night, as many of those who supported the (slightly more) conservative candidate in November couldn’t bear to turn the TV on and watch. I admit that I only listened on radio (and enjoyed following along online with RedState during the broadcast!) so that I wouldn’t miss any of the follow-on speech by Bobby Jindal. Many have opined here today on the relative mediocrity and genius of those speeches, so I’m not going to duplicate that here.

I do want to call your attention to the concept of hosting a Tea Party, however. It was an idea that Rick Santelli first mentioned in his now infamous CNBC airing (see it here). He claims he is going to plan a Tea Party this summer on the shores of Chicago, so angry tax-paying citizens can gather and throw their derivatives (and whatever else) into the lake. The idea seems to have taken off – Pajamas TV is maintaining a page on their website listing all the scheduled Tea Parties across the country (find it here). Currently there are 19 Tea Parties listed for Friday, Feb. 27, and the list continues to grow. More are scheduled in March and April, and into the summer. So check the schedule, and grab some friends and go rant and rave a little. Talk to the other people there. Discuss solutions. Get involved. It is our country, we have a right to fight for it! Not a Tea Party in your area? Plan one! Get a few friends together, and set a couple of hours aside to gather together. Lunchtime or after work seems to well to work for conservatives (most of us are still working for a living). Post the schedule on PJTV so others will know.