Tomorrow is the vote... Still time to contact our Senators

So, I understand that tomorrow our senators get together for a final vote on the mis-named “stimulus” bill. Obama and the Democrats have been on the attack – implying it’s not “patriotic” to vote against the stimulus. The GOP senators did a pretty good job on Friday, but I’m just not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. I think it wise to be in contact with ALL of our GOP senators and encourage them to do the right thing, not just the three detractors already named (Collins, Snowe, and Specter). I just used the web page email contact (available here: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm). You can sort the list by party, which puts all the (R) names at the bottom of the list (it’s alphabetic – “D” comes before “R”). It took me exactly 48 minutes, including a few interruptions. I typed up my message ahead of time to save time and be consistent, and then just pasted it in the message block. Easy. Note that when you click on the link for Lugar and Shelby, it will take you to a new message in your default email program, so you’ll have to paste the message in the body of your email and send it that way. Here is what I wrote, if you need some ideas:

Dear U.S. Senator,

I understand that you will be voting on the final senate version of the 2009 Congressional Spending Bill Monday evening. I came across a .pdf version of the 778-page bill, and skimmed through it. I don’t know how many of you are actually planning to read the thing in its entirety (I would hope that everyone of you would want to do that), but in spite of reported efforts by three of your “Moderate Republican” members, it appears to be even more grotesque in size and scope than the House version. Democrats from both the House and Senate have already made it clear that any concessions made at the request of the moderates will be removed in the final resolution. There is no further reason to pretend to support this bill.


President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have spoken quite clearly that they are not interested in a bi-partisan approach. The approach they seek is “my way or the highway.” The passage of this bill will do more to harm the prosperity and freedom of Americans than anything in history. You should absolutely refuse to have anything to do with this terrible legislation. The Democrats do not need your vote to pass this mess; please let them own it completely and totally on their own. With the current media bias, you will lose either way, so it is critically important to stand on principle and represent your constituents. I am hoping, but have little faith, that some moderate Democrats will vote with their heart and oppose the bill as well. Public support for this bill continues to plummet, and the more the President and Democrats implore you to vote for it, the more you need to distance yourself from it. Doing so will only benefit the GOP during the next election cycle. The very future of our country, and our future generations, depends on you standing firm.