Delays At The Airport...So What?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano trumpeted the alarm that slow downs are occurring at airports. Sorry, Jan, but the crying wolf bit is really getting old. Moreover, the squeaky wheel isn’t getting the grease this time around because the American people’s pocketbooks are tapped out. In the era of Big Government, it appears that Washington must finally learn how to do more with less. The good news, if there is any, is that bureaucrats can look to us as an example because the taxpayers have been forced to live with less for quite some time now.

Big cuts have to happen and cuts in the growth of spending must really happen. Entitlement spending; defense spending; services spending must all be reigned in. Common sense Americans see it and shout it from the mountain top. However, tone deaf Congressional leaders and the President seem insistent upon repeating the same mistakes that created the problems to begin with.

So Americans will adapt to longer lines at the airports; we did it before. However, enough is enough Washington. We are tired of the worn out message you keep giving us. Either fix your mistakes or get out of the way so someone else can.

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