Hello, America. This is your gun speaking.

In response to the recent tragic deaths of innocent children and adults, there is a movement by liberals and moderates to increase gun regulations in order to decrease gun ownership.  I encourage the liberals to clamor for more controls and regulations on guns.  Let the knee-jerk reactionists demand the confiscation of private property.  Please, let them because their endless diatribes are solely based upon emotion, devoid of logic and reason.  More importantly, it opens up a discussion of freedoms and private property, an area in which liberals are extremely weak.

Clearly, many on the left do not wish to participate in, encourage, or affirm the 2nd Amendment; they are free to do so but may do so without advocating the inhalation or restrictions to the 2nd Amendment.  Some members of Congress are calling for stricter controls on many guns, especially on so-called assault weapons.  Those Congressional members evade the reality that new laws will ONLY affect people who obey the laws to legally obtain an assault weapon.  It must be recognized that their motives aren’t noble but rather insidious because gun control advocates simply don’t wish to restrict a right, but rather to confiscate private property, which is the very basis of freedom.  Without the right to private property, there can be no freedom.

So while the left is emotionally blathering about gun control, our rational argument must be for freedom and private property rights.