Obama: Over-promised. Under-delivered.

Suppose for a moment that you own a business that sells a product.  Business is growing and you must hire a sales representative to sell your brand.  Of course, you interview a multitude of people and finally settle on someone who has a fantastic resume, education, and promises you the moon if hired.  Your newly hired sales rep hits the bricks with lofting goals of record sales, while you sit back and wait for the results, ready to count your money.

After a six month “breaking in” period, you do your due diligence and perform an employee evaluation.  During your investigation, you learn that your employee has done a lot of traveling and entertaining, but hasn’t closed much business.  During the evaluation, your employee states that “it’s tough out there,” and that the previous sales rep ruined many relationships with your clients before leaving the job.  As an employer, you consider your financial interests and after careful consideration, you decide to keep this promising sales rep because of the lofty promises to bring results.

A year goes by and you perform a second review of your hot-shot employee.  During this investigation, you learn that your sales rep has produced more results but at a less-than-favorable profit.  Furthermore, your employee has often been on vacation, as well as taking clients to dinners and golf outings.  These things cost your company precious resources that you can’t afford to waste.  Your employee justifies these events, saying, “things take time and more has to be done” to get the desired results you crave.  While your rep is producing better, you decide to wait and see.

Another year goes by and you learn that your clients are souring on your sales rep.  You find that your rep is often tardy or absent from scheduled meetings, as well as not delivering on promises made to them.  When you examine the results and compare them to the promises made to you, you clearly see that your sales rep has not fulfilled the necessary requirement for the job.  You have an employee who has over-promised but under-delivered, costing your company money.  You have an employee you can no longer justify or afford to keep.

We have all encountered this type of employee.  He or she brings a lot of promises to the table.  However, when the results are tabulated, we learn that he or she can’t bring the necessary results.  Does this remind you of anyone in the White House?

Currently, we have a president who is routinely absent, relying on speeches as a form of “leadership.”  When less than desired economic results occur, we have a president who passes the buck to Congress or blames the previous administration.  We have a president who plays golf and takes vacations instead of working to produce the results we require.  When all of his practices are considered, the President of the United States does not deserve to keep his job.  In fact, if our government were run like a business, Barack Obama would have been fired long ago.

President Obama: full of promises and full of crap.