Congressional Black Caucus Job Fair Ignores Reality

The Congressional Black Caucus ignores the reality that the number of available jobs for people willing to work is staggeringly small by comparison.  They also ignore the political reality: government can’t create jobs.  The CBC can hold a thousand job fairs, if they wish, but a fact remains: employers aren’t hiring.  Until the CBC decides to end their objections to cutting business taxes and reducing redundant regulations, efforts such as these job fairs will be seen as simple grandstanding.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not anti-job fair.  I believe job fairs are useful; they highlight the problem of unemployment in America.  Coincidentally, a line of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people waiting to apply and interview for a few jobs demonstrates decades of political interfering in the affairs of private business and the economy.  If government truly wanted to “do something” about jobs, they could pass a Constitutional Amendment that separates private business from the state, allowing a truly free market to exit, though I wouldn’t hold your breath.