How Long Can We Tread These Economic Waters?

Everyday, each of us is faced with the reality of existing in today’s terrible economic climate. The costs of living are increasing daily but the president appears not to notice or be affected by the general outcry coming from Americans.  Does the president live in the same reality we do, or exist in a bubble, oblivious to the many Americans treading water, as they to keep themselves afloat?

Has anyone filled their gas tank recently?  I have, albeit grudgingly.  But didn’t the president say that the release of oil reserves would suppress an increase in fuel costs?  On the contrary, gas prices increased.  As of this morning, my neighborhood gas station is posting $3.89 per gallon for unleaded, and it costs me over $85.00 to fill up.  When I purchased my vehicle in March of 2009, gas was $1.70ish per gallon, and “yes” I drive an SUV.

How much is your grocery bill today for the same number of comparable items you purchased two years ago?  Sadly, my family is buying a fewer number of goods for the same amount we spent when Obama took office.  In fact, the average cost to feed a family of four is around $775 a month, and rising.  Sure, prices are expected to increase each year. However, the rapid price increases for bread, milk, butter, eggs, and meat are mostly due to rising costs for fuel and feed.  Let’s face it, farming and transportation are extremely expensive endeavors.

Have you examined your energy bill lately?  Water, natural gas, and electricity costs continue to rise and there appears to be no end in sight.  Thanks to forces beyond our direct control, energy companies are passing developmental costs for “renewable” energy on to its customers.  Additionally, increased regulation costs are handed down to you and me through various fees and taxes that we find in our bills.  There simply is no way to escape feeding the monster that is Big Government.

So what are poor and middle class families to do?  Well, the president suggests that they tighten their belts and share in the common sacrifice.  Really?  That is the president’s answer to rising consumer costs?  Simply put, the ambitions of the middle class and poor have been neutered thanks to the Obama’s failed economic policies.

In the past, when money grew tight, mother or father would find a job or second job to earn much-needed extra money.  However, the prospect of landing a second job is near impossible in today’s job climate.  If you have a job in the first place, count yourself lucky.  9.2% unemployment means millions of people are out of work and looking, which equals a lot of competition for scarce jobs.

When one examines their costs of living, a sense of bewilderment builds, especially when the presidents asks us sacrifice.  With all due respect to the president, that type of suggestion is asinine because it does not solve the root of the problem.  His refusal to lead on many important issues that touch our daily lives of suggests that he is out of touch.  Furthermore, Obama blaming yesterday’s administration for the troubles of today is a cop-out and an indication of a lack of understanding of the dire economic plight we face.

If the economy was a ship, the president capsized it, thus plunging himself and the American people into the chilling waters.  Now swimming in water that’s way over his head, Obama could take the Cut, Cap, and Balance lifeline that’s been offered him, but instead, he would rather go his own way and tread water with the American people anchored to him.  Unfortunately for us, there is no land in sight.  So one must ask, “How long can we afford to tread water?”