Don't Call Me Anti-Union

The term “Anti-Union” is being flung around the news rooms, blogs, and Internet forums as if it were radioactive dog doo doo (Yes, I just typed that).  If you don’t like the unions, then you’re <deep bellowing voice echoes from the mountains> ANTI-UNION! If you believe in right-to-work laws or a free and competitive business environment, then you’re anti-union.  Screw that!  I am simply for fairness across the board.  The argument paraded around by the left and unions is that these teachers earn less in order to get better benefits.  How is earning $100k a year “less”?  Less than what?  This is where the left polititians, media, unionized teachers, supporters, paid supporters, protesters, and paid protesters lose the rest of the so-called “anti-union” crowd.

The non unionized workforce in America lags far behind in both pay and benefits.  Unions have raised wages and fringe benefits 15-30% above comparable nonunion workers.  In addition, non unionized workers are contributing to our own retirement and paying a healthy percentage of our insurance benefits compared to many unions.  In the goods and services industries, that 15-30% benefit bump is a cost that is passed down to consumers – us!  In the case of the Wisconsin teachers, the Wisconsin taxpayers are footing the bill, as are other state taxpayers facing similar budget problems of their own.

My point is that non union employees and other Americans who don’t support the actions of the Wisconsin teachers aren’t necessarily anti-union, but rather are simply tired of paying more for products they buy.  They are tired of listening to unions complain about “the man” and “condititions in the workplace (code for so-called low pay and poor benefits).  They are tired of listening to a group of adults screaming like toddlers instead of having a civil debate.  Union voters had a chance to maintain the status quo last November but you failed.  You failed because the status quo can no longer be maintained and those ideas were voted down.  Government is a business, not a charitiy, which seems like a simple concept to a concerned many.  Unfortunately in the current climate, it is the few that are screaming the loudest.  “No longer,” I say.  No longer.

However, if the left is bent on calling those with opposing views “anti-union”, then I suggest turning the name-calling tables around and start using labels of your own when referring to left polititians, media, unions, union supporters, paid supporters, protesters, and paid protesters.

For you consideration:

Anti Right-to-Work
Anti-Free Market

Be creative but keep it clean.