So Much to Take In....

So much clarity, so little time……
One of the things we cannot help but notice is the Left’s constant attempt to “control language”, i.e., the press and talk radio, are central in their attempts to silence us by their constant attempts to “perpetuate lies.”
Obama and his ilk lie constantly; almost every time they open their mouths.  But one of the RULES FOR RADICALS notions is that, if you tell a lie often enough, sooner or later, it will be believed.
Hence, the need to define terms of word usage (political correctness) and the need to silence talk radio.
Now that most print news outlets and some broadcast news outlets are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Obama is poised to take them over.  Rush Limbaugh has been calling it “state-run news media” since Obama’s “emaculation”.  If O takes them over, Rush’s nick name for them will be fact.  Obama’s government will own it’s own news….er…..propaganda outlets.  
Friends, keep telling the truth to all who will listen:  over the back fence, online, to our elected officials, etc.  Do not be silent.  Be the “go-to” person in your family, neighborhood, community, county, etc., for truth about the political and economic de-construction occurring in our great country today.
Did you know that people in the Gulf states are suing Obama’s government in federal court?  Did you know that the judge who is hearing the case over O’s lack of action against the oil spill was appointed by President Reagan!
Keep supporting conservative ideas, ideals and candidates.  Seek truth and fact in all areas.
Question:  In Washington State, does Dino Rossi have a chance against Patty Murray?  I thought she (Goody Two Shoes) was going to retire; then she got a lot of credit for ObamaCare, much to our disgust.  I guess the whole thing went to her head.  Rossi, if he’s our best chance, needs our support, today.
Remember, the Left will not try to defeat their opponents; they will try to destroy them.  Look for their nasty attempts at obliterating the competition at every turn as the elections heat up.  Why do they do this?  Because they cannot compete with conservative political views in the world of ideas and debate.  Someone said, was it President Reagan (?), that communism is a form of insanity.  So pity them, but, first, defeat them.
And let’s defeat them within the format of the Two-Party System.  Vote conservative, but let’s not allow this country to devolve into having three or thirteen political parties.  That is a recipe for the constant defeat of the people and a tighter strangle-hold by Leftists and other deviants upon our freedoms and liberties.  Where possible, support conservatism and the Republican party.  Hello, GOP!  Are you listening?
Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately?  July is a great time for that.  At dinner, on Memorial Day, through our tears, we read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  On the Fourth, we read the Declaration.  It is still timely and true, more than ever, today.
If you are prayerful, please pray for us and our beleaguered and ignored Constitution.  Even pray for Obama, that God will guide him to less and less harmful behavior every day; that God’s will be done, as we know it will be, in and for this great nation.