Our Political Future and the Demise of Capitalism

It is possible that the Democrat Party and Obama would like nothing more than to hand the whole of the government over to the Republicans in November; minus the Presidency, of course.
Then, during the Lame Duck Congress, they will push through every law and program possible to disarm us, shut us up, and financially ruin us.
In January, the Republicans will walk into the halls of our nation’s capital to a government which they will hardly recognize.
Obama and the state-run media will continue to say he is trying to improve the economy while he presents programs designed to ruin it further.  The GOP will have no recourse but to vote down every presidential suggestion.
Meanwhile, the programs already in place will force the raising of taxes to such a degree that the collapse of capitalism will be practically assured.  All the efforts of the GOP to stop the bleeding will be of no avail and they will be blamed for the nation’s woes.
By 2012, the great unwashed of this country (moderates and independents) will have rushed back to Obama’s side and will re-elect him to a second term.  The rest will be easy.  Within four years, we will be silent, unarmed and chained.
The state-run media will stand by as stenographers to the Left, as usual, and lie about everything necessary to produce these results.
This is what will happen unless several things change.
We could avoid a lot of trouble if:
1.  The GOP would now begin to grow some onions and fight back against Obama; begin  to understand that all those who oppose Obama will be called racist; begin  to realize name-calling won’t work anymore;
2.  The GOP would now begin to talk about GROWTH instead of DEBT; begin to hold the line, vociferously, against all of Obama’s tax-raising ideas;
3.  The general public could begin to understand that the GOP in Congress now cannot stop anything because they do not have the numbers; and that re-electing non-conservative GOP members will be a great mistake;
4.  The general public could begin to understand that Conservative values in government and a free capitalistic economy will always work; and that Socialism/Communism/Marxism/Leftism never work, never have and never will;
5.  The general public could begin to understand that the US Constitution is the finest piece of writing on this Earth outside of Holy Scripture; that it doesn’t need changing but does need attention on the part of presidents, judges and our elected officials; that American citizens must gain the stomach for prosecuting and executing traitors to it;
6.  The general public and Congress could begin to understand that Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms are two liberties the Left and Obama want to abridge as soon as possible; and which they are, even this minute, working their minions to deny us at every turn; that the cost of liberty is constant vigilance and a properly educated electorate;
7.  Americans could grasp the concept that American exceptionalism is a reality; that America has been the defender of liberty in all the world, not just at home; that she is loved throughout the world because of her goodness and boldness; that the health of the American economy is the health of the world economy;
8.  Americans could accept the fact that Conservative candidates must be prepared for the worst, dedicated to the highest standards, willing to uphold the Constitution, and tireless in keeping their campaign promises;
9.  We all accept our duty to this great nation; that we must work to teach as many people as we can the importance of upholding the Constitution and adhering to Conservative values.
If the GOP in Congress, today, and for the future, will begin to talk about GROWTH instead of DEBT, they can avoid, in future, having to support higher taxes.  Raising taxes lowers revenue; reducing and eliminating taxes ALWAYS raises revenue.  How does that work?  Americans move away from taxes:  raise the gas tax and Americans travel less; raise the cigarette tax and Americans smoke less.
Americans can no longer afford to pay only scant attention to politics.  We must now, and for generations to come, be informed and ready to fight for this country; to put down tyranny and return the country to the balance that it once had.