MSM/Left Cry "Right-wing Propaganda" Over "Obsession" DVD Mailing

I’ve written previously on the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” a documentary that successfully (and fairly) probes the threat and prevalence of radical Islam. Some 28 million DVD copies of the film were packaged into newspapers all across the country this past week, hoping to raise the profile of the issues discussed in the movie and reiterate the supreme importance of the fight against these radical and hate-filled individuals. Well, the Left (read: MSM), are up in arms over the film’s distribution, calling it “right-wing propaganda.” Here’s another great example of how deep in the can the MSM is for the Left. Greg Mitchell, the editor-in-chief of Editor & Publisher, recently praised a NC newspaper for refusing to include the “non-educational movie” in their 9/11 issue here– is also a “blogger” at Huffington Post, and posted a self-congratulatory piece there that again lauds the “brave” Greensboro News & Record – and reprints the reasons behind their refusal to send out the “divisive” film:

Many newspapers across the country distributed a controversial DVD today about Islam, titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.”….We did not distribute it…. I asked our publisher about it. He said it was divisive and plays on people’s fears and served no educational purpose. The revenue it would have brought in was not a motivator.

Other than the fact that that the Editor and Publisher is clearly a lefty-flack publication, the ignorance of the Left on the importance and relevance of radical Islamic terror is shockingly clear here.

Apt to point to the film as “divsive,” the Left seems to have forgotten the events of the last 7 years. Obsession doesn’t mention any political party, features neither Obama nor McCain, and points to only the Muslim extremists – not all followers of the Islamic faith – as the ones who want to end the West through violence and hateful acts. Yet the Left immediately casts the film as Republican propaganda. Surprising? No, but quite sad. It’s sad that any film that merely *discusses *the terrorist threat, whether even-handed or not, is slotted in the “right-wing talking points” and “scare tactics” column by the MSM. Who’s really in denial here?