Screening "Obsession" in Dearborn, Michigan

(Updated below.)

Today I am flying to Dearborn, Michigan, where I will be attending a screening of a documentary titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” – a film that I have discussed here before – which is being sent nationwide, included in newspapers and magazines as a way of reminding voters of the threat we face from Islamic terrorists, and how the result of the upcoming election will determine how we fight these forces of evil. If you get National Review in the mail, even if you receive the New York Times on Sunday, it will be arriving on your doorstep and the doorsteps of millions of homes early this week.

To mark the 7th anniversary of 9/11, there will be a screening of Obsession in Dearborn, Michigan. The film will be followed by commentary from Debbie Schlussel, and conservative radio talk host Hughes Sullivan. I will be live-blogging the screening at the request of the film’s supporters, including the panel discussion after the film. I will be posting updates throughout the day, as I travel to the screening and report on what I find.

Not surprisingly, some on the Left have taken umbrage with this voter-education campaign, particularly Denise Dennis at Huffington Post. She does at least do a decent job of explaining the film’s distribution:

The documentary is set for release to retail outlets this week — the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks — but has been shown at college campuses for nearly a year now, presented largely by Jewish student organizations and as part of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, the national “conservative campus protest” organized and sponsored last fall by conservative author David Horowitz’s Freedom Center.

And since the film was first released, commentators like Dennis have been entirely disregarding the core message of the film: acts of terror are committed not by the average Muslim who lives in the countries throughout the Mideast, but by a radical minority who have twisted the core tenets of the religion to suit their rviolent beliefs. Dennis has cried foul, screaming “right-wing propaganda,” and compares the terrorists profiled the film to the GOP. But she is missing the point of the film.

Updates will follow this post, and anything I see I will do my best to relay to you, on this day, the day in which we remember the tragic events of a just a few short years ago, which we can never forget.

Update: Word is spreading fast about the screening of “Obsession” tonight; as the chatter increases, it’s come to my attention that protesters are expected this evening. So, I’ll be supplanting updates with pictures from in and outside the screening, any reaction from the audience or protestors, and live-blog updates from the panel discussion. This should be interesting.