"Obsession" & The Push for November

I’ve written here previously about “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” a two-year old documentary that attempts to awaken Western civilization and unveil the truth about the militant, radical Muslims promulgating their hate-filled world view throughout the Middle East, Europe, and even here at home. Calling for moderate Muslims to rise up and disavow those radicals who clamor for young children to join their cause, *Obsession *clearly defines and exposes the inhumane principals and ideals on which our adversaries thrive. With the election only 90 days away, the issues touched upon in the film are especially pertinent today. The folks behind *Obsession *are making a big push to bring the topic back into the forefront in the hopes that we elect a leader in November that is both fully capable to handle these terrorist thugs and will continue to to uphold the refusal of negotiation with despotic heads of state who promote nothing more but hatred and disdain for the West.Indeed, *Obsession *graphically depicts the reasons why we are in a war against terrorism, and deftly delineates the oft-mentioned differences between the tenets of classical Islam and the hate-filled and obtuse teachings of radical Islam. These Islamo-facists have, for years, declared an all-out war on the West; having little regard for human life, they have attempted to advance their backward and heartless agenda through acts of terrorism, indoctrination of young children, and constant battle-cries against the “imperial” West.

It’s distressing to me – indeed, it is baffling at times – that there still remains a call to treat these rouge terrorist groups and terrorist-harboring nations with kid gloves. Not once did I believe that entering into negotiations with these groups would help anything – this view was particularly solidified after watching *Obsession *a few times. It is crucial that we elect a leader in November that knows what kind of threat we face, and one that will not cower in fear of Code Pinkers or other moonbats on the left who want to cut and run out of Iraq and the Middle East. Or, those candidates that have incredible ties to these hate mongers- ties that including financial affilations with right-wing Islamic investment funds.

On November 4th, Americans will elect a new President. I urge you to spread the word about Obsession– it should be required viewing for all voters before they make their decision in November.

The importance of this film on the foreign policy debate cannot be overstated. We *must * elect a President who will not run away from these cowards; who will stand up and fight against these evil groups, hell-bent on global supremacy. If knowing your enemy is the path to victory, then *Obsession *is the sourcebook for the battle plan we so desperately need.