Living on the Edge

My Congressman is Mike Rogers (AL-03). My district covers NE Central Alabama along the Georgia border. Rogers’ 57-43 victory should serve as a wake up call to the Alabama GOP because of the narrow defeats in AL-02 and AL-05.

The thriving auto and aero-space industry in Alabama has attracted workers from Michigan, Wisconsin, and California along with an international influx from South Korea. Most of these new Alabama citizens are moderate to liberal Democrats.

I live on the edge of AL-02 and supported my friend Jay Love. Unfortunately, the high Democrat turnout in Montgomery and Dothan areas gave the Democrat the edge by less than 1800 votes in a 286000 vote race.

Although Alabama went 60-40 GOP in the national race, we lost an important AL-02 that had voted GOP for decades. The Democrats are emboldened by this election and see an opportunity in AL-03. We must hold AL-03, fight for AL-05 and regain our AL-02.