And We Wonder Why

Many of us wonder why our party is viewed as the idiot party, the joke of politics, that we are filled with ignorant backwater morons, well this is why. I want to introduce you to a Ron Paul acolyte Montana Representative Jerry O’Neil. You may remember this joker from his past antics such as him demanding he be paid in Gold and Silver Coins. He made this demand for two reasons, his desire to return to the Gold Standard, an absolute ludicrous proposal, and his distrust for the future value of our dollar.

Well when someone wants to further the cause of stupidity, they can achieve that goal with a just a bit of effort. Rep. O’Neil succeeded with flying colors in that endeavor. Our wonderful party member took it upon himself to introduce one of the dumbest bills to hit any Congress in this country over the last 50 years. He suggested that due to the “inhumane” long term sentences of criminals, we should offer them a choice. The choice would be to serve the sentence about to be imposed or submit to physical pain. Now of course the physical pain would be decided by the judge, but Rep O’Neil has suggested it be twenty lashes.

Setting aside the constitutional violations that a physical pain sentence would bring and the complete laughable nature of this proposal, one must look at the future problems that would arise with letting felony offenders remain free from jail simply by submitting to what really boils down to being a spanking. If I knew I could break the laws of my state and avoid any real punishment by simply submitting to a brief time of minor pain, I would be overjoyed. No liberal person, no code pink member, no jackass would be safe from my boot. Why should my boot be denied if my rear end can take a brief punishment. Heck, I bet my wife spanks harder than they would.

Not only does this proposal lack any real world common sense, it shows us just how far out in left field Ron Paul and his supporters really are. What criminal in their right mind would not trade freedom from jail and basically a free pass to commit crime in exchange for a brief period of low level pain. The ramifications to the safety of the community should this bill be taken serious is breathtaking. No one would be safe. The possibility of long term jail sentences compels many on the borderline of breaking into a life of crime from doing so. It is our natural inhibitions against confinement along with a moral compass that keeps the majority of humanity on the side of law and order. Take way the confinement, the moral compass will soon be broken.

This site’s rejection of the minions of Ron Paul should have set the standard for every legitimate republican in the country. Proposing Gold Standards, spraying chem trials with a spray bottle, interrupting due process or events in the name of the earthly “messiah, and suggesting criminals facing lengthy terms in prison should be let out of the sentence by receiving a spanking is what is damaging our reputation and making us the laughing stock of the nation. I know I grow weary of the element in our party that refuse to stop being an embarrassment and this guy and his bill have broken the back of the camel. It is time we openly reject these fringe lunatics and do what is necessary to remove them from the party. Let the libertarian party have them, they are of no use to us.

Maybe Ron Paul, his disciples, and Rep O’Neil will forgive my rudeness if I simply offer to take that spanking. Wonder how many lashes they will propose for me.

Montana, you can do better, you deserve better.

Pay me in Gold Me’ Hearties

Spank them into a crime free life