Stars Who Side With Us

Hollywood stars who side with the republican party, that is almost as believable as the Sahara Desert is now a cool, moist, widely desired tourist hotspot. But every once in a while a republican makes it in Hollywood and somehow retains their party allegiance in the midst of some of the most leftist people on the face of the planet. Some of these names will surprise you and will send you into a frenzied research to see just how often they have supported our side.

1) Robert Davi: You may not recognize this name, but you would almost assuredly recognize the face. With such films as The Goonies and Die Hard to his credit, Robert Davi has narrated many film montages that have aired during the Republican Conventions.

2) Clint Eastwood: “I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? One of the most famous lines by one of the most recognizable actors ever and he has been a registered republican since 1951 and was a huge supporter of the Nixon campaign.

3) Kelsey Grammer: Made famous for his stint in the famous bar, Cheers, Kelsey has been a staunch supporter of the republican party even campaigning against the love child of the Hollywood crowd in 2008 by throwing his support behind John McCain.

4) Angie Harmon: Now this is just my personal opinion, but this quite pretty lady has the sexiest voice in all of Hollywood. My adoration for her looks combined with the sultry voice almost drove my wife to banning Law and Oder from our home. She, along with her husband, delivered a speech at the 2004 Republican Convention and she lent her support to John McCain in 2008.

5) Chuck Norris: This is the only man who could whoop the entire terrorist organization single handed using only kicks to accomplish the task. Chuck has been a staunch supporter of our party for quite some time even filling in for conservative talk show guru, Shawn Hannity.

6) Dennis Hopper: May he rest in peace but while he was alive putting up some of the worst acting ever seen on a big screen (of course he was a very distant second place to Keanu Reeves), he was a registered republican who voted for our side until disease took over his life.

7) Naomi Judd: This is a flash from the past. Naomi gave us all great country music for many years, but even better, gave us men the sexiness of her daughter Ashley who was willing to bare it all on the silver screen. She was a huge supporter of GWB and has been a registered republican before it was even cool.

8) John Elway: Greatest QB ever, enough said. Not only is he a republican, he is a conservative republican. He has even entertained the notion of running for the US Senate. Come on Elway, we will root for you in this endeavor as hard as we rooted for you to win that ring.

9) Richard Petty: Can’t have NASCAR without the all time great Richard Petty. Now retired from the actual racing, Petty owns a team who has been pretty competitive on the track. And oh yeah, he is a republican who was the republican nominee for North Carolina Secretary of State in 1996.

10) Kathy Ireland: Man, is it not nice to have the party with the most beautiful women in the world not to mention some of the most intelligent ones as well. This beautiful bombshell is a republican who have donated to numerous candidates over the years. I still think I have her calender sitting around her somewhere, going to have to look for it.

11) Jon Voight: A powerhouse figure in Hollywood, Voight has been an outspoken republican for many years. I firmly believe this willingness to side with our party is what caused the rift between Jon and his ultra liberal daughter, Angelina Jolie. Jon Voight prepared a video admonishing us to support our troops that was played at the Republican Convention.

12) Bruce Willis: Now I know you are sitting there shocked with your mouth hanging wide open, but this is not a joke. The famous “Die Hard” is not only a registered republican, but he has endorsed every republican presidential nominee with the exception of Bob Dole in 1996 and we can not really blame him for skipping that endorsement can we.

13) Dr Phil: Now this is one guy I sort of wish was on the other side, but we have to take what we can take. I just hope we are never forced to watch his show all because we lost some election.

14) Stephen Baldwin: When Stephen came out and stated he had found Christ and conservatism, I was shocked. Happy, but shocked. Who would ever expect a Baldwin brother to switch to the “dark side?” Stephen has continued to remain steadfast in his faith and his support of conservative republicans much to the chagrin of his other brothers.

15) Karl Malone: Not much of a basketball fan, but I have been told he was one of the best. I will take my source on his word when it comes to that game. Oh, and Karl has been a supporter of our party for most of his life.

16) Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”: We all know his famous call line, “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking” even if we were not fans of wrestling. We men were also fully aware of the sway this man had on our ladies when “fighting” half naked in the ring, hence why we held the remote. But setting aside the ….ummm acting, Dwayne Johnson is a republican who delivered a speech at the Republican Convention.

17) Robert Duvall: One of the most talented actors in the last 50 years, Duvall has been a generous supporter of the republican party even receiving a personal invite to attend the 2001 inauguration of GWB. He also narrated most of the films at the 2008 Republican Convention.

18) Ben Stein: Has to be one of the smartest men in Hollywood and one of the most monotone. But these attributes are what made him a star. But what few know is that Ben Stein was a speechwriter and lawyer for President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford.

19) James Earl Jones: This guy’s voice was Darth Vader, how cool is that. Besides his great acting ability, it was the voice of James Earl Jones that has set him on top of the acting mountain. What makes his storied career even better is he is one of us, a republican.

20) This is my surprise, surprise number. I saved these two till last so that I could again cause your mouth to drop open wide and to cause the sockets of your eyes to swell once again. You will swear I am making this one up, but I promise you I am not. Get ready for these two names…….are you ready? Don King and LL Cool J. Are you still OK? Both of these flamboyant men are republicans who have supported our party for years. While Don King is the more politically active of the two, both have consistently supported the Presidential Republican nominee for many years. Cool ain’t it?

There are plenty more out there. Names such as Tom Selleck (board of directors for the NRA), James Woods, Kirk Cameron, Kid Rock, Lorreta Lynn, Mary Lou Retton, etc show us that there is hope in the world of the big stars. It is quite interesting to research those who have made it big but yet continue to support the only party that stands for us.

Hope you enjoyed learning we have some fans who are stars.