"Rent Too Damn High" I have found who I must support for President

Every election year, I like many others sit in front of my television watching boring men tell me what they think I want to hear. They pander to my fears, my concerns, my faith…….to just about everything everyone thinks about. And year after year we stumble to the voter booth to cast a vote for the one we perceive as being the lesser of the evils and who we feel will not screw us quite as bad as the rest. Long gone are the days of the amazing candidate, you know the one that when they speak we rise to our feet not of our own accord, an American flag appears in our hands that we did not even know we owned, and the words “God Bless you” stream from between our lips. Well the days of immense boredom and choosing the not so bad guy have come to an end with the announcement that came out of New York today. Let me be the first to introduce you to the newest entry into the republican race for the nomination………..wait for it……….wait………

“Rent is too damn high” man, Jimmy McMillan. Never before have I seen such honesty, such brilliance, such a one line truth. And did I mention one of the most bitching mustaches known to man? I mean this guy has it all, honesty, integrity, catchy one liners, a way with a cuss word, a mastership of karate, and a way to make that mysterious American flag appear in my hand. And did I mention, a bitching mustache? Too bad New York chose Andrew Cuomo to be their governor over this wonderful man, but we get the chance to correct that mistake.

I want to introduce you to the republican version, albeit a much superior version, of a Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton mixture. If you can watch this video without jumping to your feet, holding the amazing appearing American flag, and without stating “God bless you” time after time after time, I will have to state you are without a soul.

And now for a song about this great man, please enjoy!

What republican can stand against this new entry. I say none!

PS As I know you are already preparing the abusive comment so that I can know from you just how pathetic my choice is, let me make something very clear, this was snark and nothing more. Although I still say he is a better choice than Ron Paul.

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