Planned Parenthood Caught in a Lie

One of the biggest causes in the republican party right now is the ending of funding for the abortion mill better known as Planned Parenthood. For many years now, well over $300 million of our dollars have gone to the murder of our innocent babies each years all while Planned Parenthood claimed not a single penny of this money went towards abortions. Now, while many may fall for this bullcrap argument, most of us understand that even if we accept the technicality that no tax payer funding actually ends up subsidizing abortions, we know that because other parts of the business receive money, it allows them to focus more of their own funds on the murder of the innocent.

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, took the Joy Baher show to express her “fears” should this money actually be cut off. Her claim was that if the republican party was successful in ending tax payer assistance to the organization, the health of women would suffer. In her claim, she stated that women would no longer be able to receive mammograms which would increase their chances that they die from breast cancer due to not detecting the disease early. There is a small problem with her claim though, Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms.

In response to the undercover work by Live Action, Planned Parenthood claimed that their CEO never said Planned Parenthood offered mammograms. They solidified their statement by saying Planned Parenthood has never offered mammograms and that the claims by Live Action were “false charges” intended to fit its “extreme” agenda. They went on to claim Richards was referring to the GOP budget bill as a whole, which would strip money for the federal health care overhaul and other items, potentially impacting health services like mammograms. A Planned Parenthood official said Richards was not referring specifically to the Republicans’ Planned Parenthood rider. A spokesman for Planned Parenthood, Stuart Schear, went on to say, “Live Action has a documented history of twisting facts to suit its extreme political agenda, and this video is just the latest example of a false charge.”

Sorry Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, Stuart Schear, and the rest of you murderous scum, video does not lie. Your fearless leader never claimed cutting the budget of Planned Parenthood would affect other companies abilities to give free or cost reduced mammograms, you claimed it would hurt your own ability to offer the service. You did not claim that cutting the budget would affect the overall health of women, you claimed it would hurt your ability to keep women healthy. But you do not make your millions keeping women healthy, you make most of your money murdering our most helpless citizens, and you do not save the lives of women across this country through the use of mammograms to detect breast cancer early because you do not offer the service at all.

In my world, we call what you just did a lie, and you were caught. Liars can not be trusted and we no longer wish to subsidize murder with our tax dollars so your days of murdering with our money are coming to an end. We will not miss you.