We are at war with Gaddafi, Now lets not act like the left.

Everyone knows we have an idiot child as president. Only ones arguing with that fact are the sheep who support him. We all know he does not love this country nor does his “a horse is a horse of course of course” wife and these two have demonstrated their contempt so many times most of us have lost count. That being said, he is our president for a few more months and is commander in chief of our army. Until we are able to change those facts at the voter booth, we are stuck with the choices this country made.

We are currently engaged in a military action in Libya. Is it wrong or right, we all have our opinions on the matter. My own opinion is this: I have no problem with what we are doing and would even expand it to the point we send in our special forces with the sole purpose of killing Gaddafi. I would have no issue with strategic bombing of vital points inside the country or even a well placed bomb that takes out most if not all of the Libyan’s current government including their dictator. But hell, I think we should also do this is Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and a few other hot spots across the globe. But I do not support our men and women hitting the shores risking their lives for that God forsaken wasteland. I can not justify in my own mind why our brave soldiers should die when I can find no true threat to our safety or a national interest that would excuse action in that country. What is even a better reason, or a better reason not to go in, is who would replace the current regime if we were to topple it and would they actually pose a threat to our safety.

All that being said, we on the right must set the example in this matter. For eight years we watched the left commit treason, trash our president in ways that went far beyond what would be considered acceptable dissent, and watched as they trashed our brave warriors for no other reason than they did not like that Bush was president and hated all that was conservative. We all saw the videos where scumbag members of Code Pink hit our troops, spit at our troops, called then names that would make the vilest sailor blush and there was little we could do legally. We sat and watched as American citizens went to hostile countries, sat with the leaders of said countries, and slammed our country, our leaders, and our troops. The vile that rose from the left was sickening, but we did nothing about it because as much as we hated their actions we loved our constitution and the rights it gave to these scumbags.

Now we have a democrat in as president. He will not be in that seat much longer, but until he is gone, we must be different. It is not Obama or us who will be putting themselves in harms way during this action or should it get worse, it is our brave men and women in uniform that will take up that cause. Being a soldier in battle is as lonely and dangerous as it gets and when our military has to hear that their own country, their own people are turning out in force against them, it cuts to the quick. It leaves them feeling betrayed, abandoned, vilified, and makes them question why they do what they do. The left take pride in doing this to our troops, we must act in a complete opposite manner. No matter our opinion on Obama or this military action, lets not forget who must pay the price when war is waged. Lets not forget the men and women who face death all alone for us all while leaving all they know behind. Speak out against the war if you must, but always speak in favor of the men and women doing the dirty work. Lets not be a part of the leftist mentality and lets not bring our troops home to a new Vietnam all because of our feelings for Obama and his policy.