Collateral Murder, the video leak that led to the support of treason.

Collateral Murder was a video leaked to WikiLeaks by Private Bradley Manning which eventually led to multiple charges being levied against him including treason. Most are quite aware of the drama surrounding not only Private Manning, but WikiLeaks as well. But what many may not know is that in the aftermath of his arrest, just how many of our fellow Americans have come to support not only him, but his treason as well.

American woke up to news that WikiLeaks was going to display proof positive of a military cover up of its assassination of not only unarmed civilians and children, but two Reuter Reporters as well. As the video was put up on the site, public outrage began and raised in volume. The problem though was the the video provided by WikiLeaks was an edited version that was intended to deceive its viewers into believing an unwarranted attack occurred and that a cover up ensued. Even after being confronted, WikiLeaks and its head officer refused to release the entire video and stood by its assertions that the video they provided accurately depicted the events that occurred that day. Here is their original video in its edited version.

Now if you watch this edited version and put your faith in Wikileaks, you may be driven to anger against our government and would also find your support going out to Private Manning. But the problem is multi-fold in that the video does not accurately show the full events of that day, fail to show a part of the video where small arms are clearly seen, that these “innocent civilians” were clearly in the act of attacking our forces, and that full authorization to attack was given only after all criteria under ROE were met. While it is a shame that two Reuter reporters were killed in this action, they made the choice to join this group of enemy combatants hence they took the chance that this very thing would happen. What is even more sad is that children were seriously injured in this attack, but again, the enemy chose to bring their children to the battle and they were hidden from the attack pilots view, so the reality is that their injuries could not be avoided. Here is the full video of the attack and you will see not only the difference, but also how the pilots carefully made the decision to attack and had all reasonable reasons to do so.

But what has really burned by ass since all of this is the fact that so many Americans have chosen to side with the criminal traitor Private Manning. The most recent issue they have is with the treatment of Private Manning, more specifically, the fact that he is being kept in the nude and “forced” to stand at attention during the morning role call. As with the video, they fail to submit in any of their arguments the entire story. They fail to include as the reason for his nudity the fact that he told numerous officers and staff that he was going to kill himself. The policy at the detention center is to remove all possible material that could aid in the detained prisoners desire to kill themselves. This is not an uncommon practice and in fact in jails across the nation, prisoners who are deemed a risk to themselves have all articles of clothing removed and are put in solitary confinement. Add to this the fact that the detention center where Private Manning is held is a military facility with rules that require all prisoners to maintain military protocol, his treatment is no different that what would happen to any other military prisoner deemed to be a risk to themselves. But his supporters never allow facts to get in the way of their bleeding heart agenda. Thankfully for the rest of the population who love this country and do not support a soldier willing to risk lives just to get his 15 minutes of fame, the fools and society outcasts who spew their traitorous support for the poster boy of traitorous activity, their very essence precludes any sympathy from the rest of normal society and their cause and activities will not make a difference when he goes to trial and receives the punishment he earned.

Manning Supporters

As I stated above, thank God that it is these society outcasts that form the Manning support brigade. It always helps that their standing and absurdity do all the necessary damage to their own cause causing it to be rendered impotent without ever helping the one they want to help. As you will see in the picture proudly displayed by the head of Code Pink, not only are their numbers lacking, but it only contained the following people:

Far left: Crazy cat lady down who seemingly always is intoxicated on cheap wine, yet always has someone to talk to, herself.

Middle : That couple who always seems to have an opinion on everything far left, always shows up to any nutcase protest, and were the ones who were proudly displayed crying when Obama was elected as they screamed that the only ones against him were the racist white folk.

Right: These three only came because they were promised that after the protest they would receive some righteous chronic and a prescription to keep their supply filled. They are usually too high and too busy on the phone to ever make much noise.

Sitting: Well he did make it “Back to the Future” and had the time between research to give his support to this cause.

The reality is that these people are every bit the traitors that Private Manning is. There is no way an American loving person could ever put their support behind such trash who used his position to leak classified material that ultimately put not only our soldiers in danger, but the civilians of those countries in danger as well. No matter your political sway or how you view these wars, the actions of Private Manning are not OK, not acceptable, nor are they excusable. And to support such a piece of trash shows not only their lack of character, but their lack of allegiance to this country as well. It may be time to offer these American hating souls a one way ticket to the socialist country of their choice so that they can carry on their protest there surrounded by tons of people who share their views and hate of our country.