Yes Dorothy, Death Panels Do Exist

Lets take a quick trip back in time shall we, so that we can be reminded of what our president stated concerning the many claims his socialist health care would bring about death Panels, suggestive end of life counseling, and rationing of care based on the indifferent decision making of a panel of so called experts.

A lie, plain and simple: Barrack Obama September 9, 2009

A Lie Plain and Simple

Ludicrous,This notion that somehow we are setting up death panels that would decide whether old people get to live or die is an extraordinary lie.: Barrack Obama August 19, 2009

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Now before we delve into the absurdity that is the President’s claims, we first must remember that the proponents of the plan touted that its image was made from the Canadian version of Socialized medicine. Going on that fact, we know the president lied.

Case in point, as we shift our Delorean back to our current day and time, the oh so “great” Canadian plan gives us proof positive of the existence of the dreaded death panels, entities that will soon haunt our own dreams.

Imagine a young family, a blessed birth of a baby boy, disaster hits, the baby boy fights for sustaining life, parents who stand strong in their faith that their young child will survive for more time to come, only to have it ripped from their hearts by a panel who decides this child’s life is no longer worth the cost so they issue a ruling demanding the child’s breathing tube be removed so that he can suffocate in a most painful way. Sounds far out or impossible in civilized society, guess again. This is what just happened in our neighbor to the north, the place that had such a great health care plan our esteemed president felt it was worth copying.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

The issue was not whether or not baby Joseph Maraachli was going to die as that was a given, the issue lay in the fact that the parents wanted the child to be afforded every opportunity to live and fight for life, and when death was imminent, to be afforded the right to die with dignity and at home with those who love him. But this was not to be all because a panel of number crunchers decided that this young child was not worth the cost. See this young child had not yet contributed to the tax coffer so he was not a priority. His worth was clearly defined, and in the eyes of the panel, it was not worth much. So with the flick of a pen, this child was doomed to an awful end all while his parents watch. The promise of health care for all would not extend to this young child nor the parents who have been promised more than they will receive. This child was expendable, a simple cost cutting measure, another victim of Canadian death panels. The parents were not asking for extended care or care that would not change the destiny of the child, they simply wanted a small hole cut into their son’s neck so that he could breath at their home till God called him home. But the panel decided this relatively low cost procedure was not worth the expenditure so they denied the request claiming pain would be an issue. But the reality is, if the pain would be to great to have a life sustaining hole cut, how is it better to die by suffocation? Will the sudden loss of oxygen somehow produce euphoria?

After great pressure from hundreds of people, even among our own country, the panel relented a tiny bit. The child will now be allowed to leave the hospital, but no tracheotomy will be performed. Once the breathing tubes are removed, suffocation will begin. The parents will watch as their son is murdered and will have only a few minutes to make it home so that their child, their heart, their very soul can die outside of the hospital months or maybe even years before it was his time. And this is what is coming to our country.

No matter the promises made by our president, his word is not worth poo on a steaming hot day. He once promised us that the controversial end of life counseling would not go into affect, yet already he backs up on his word. On Dec. 3, the Obama administration issued a new Medicare regulation detailing “voluntary advance care planning” that is to be included during patients’ annual checkups. The regulation aimed at the aged “may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment. Some may be fooled by this nonsense, but we must not be one of them. This plan is an aggressive move to push the elderly and sick among us to not ask or take life sustaining care when death is imminent. And by imminent I mean death is a-coming, not necessarily knocking. Now your grandfather or mine who is dealing with a disease such as parkinson’s or alzheimer’s will meet with a panel who will inform them of how they should be good comrades and no longer receive care to extend their life or manage the disease. They will be told that a good comrade would simply accept the disease and lay down allowing the sickness to end their costly existence. Under the counseling and death panel world we are all facing, life will be measured not by sanctity, but by cost and how much the person sick can contribute to the coffer and this should cause us all to quake in fear. But this is the new reality we will all face if the right people are not elected who will fight to end this depravity.

I myself face an uncertain future when it comes to my care. I have alzheimer’s and while my mornings are somewhat bright, by end of day I am no longer myself. My contributions to the tax fund ended years ago after nearly 50 years of paying in. I worry that the day is coming soon when my life will be judged by cost, not worth and I will be “asked” to forgo any further life sustaining care so that the state can save money. I worry that if and when this happens, my family will face the same anguished scenes baby Joseph’s family is now facing. They have met with the death panel and the life of their child will be squashed in front of their very eyes, I wonder if my family will soon see the same thing. i worry that my family will soon be the next victims of a panel Obama says does not exist nor will it every exist, a panel that Obama calls an extraordinary lie yet it is not the panel that is the lie, it is Obama who is the liar.