AOL Gets In The Trash Business

What a weekend, fights, football, and a lengthy rest at the Ranch in Boyd Texas. For the first time in many years, I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to face the mouse race all over again. The flight home was nice, a few drinks served by a very nice looking young lady, a little conversation with a professor at the University of South Carolina, and the fact my wife was not there to repeatedly tell me not to eat the red meat just added to the luxury of the flight. My son won, I was able to see the Steelers go down in flames, it was a good extended weekend. That was until I got home and read the news of the AOL deal.

The NFL decided to celebrate the life of the late president Ronald Reagan. Now while I am not sure if what we saw at the game was the same thing shown to television viewers, I can safely say that the NFL did a good job honoring the man who may go down as one of our greatest presidents. As I sat in my seat with my brother, I watched as all the eyes around me focused in on what could be the biggest screen in all of football. As the short documentary played, no one talked, eyes filled with tears, people took hold of other hands, in short, honor was given. It was a great moment of respect for a man who brought this country together in prosperity and policy. At the close of the short piece, people rose to their feet and clapped. Not just a quick courtesy clap like Christina Aguilera received after she destroyed our National Anthem, it was a resounding clap worthy of the man who was being honored.

When I got home and looked though the latest news, I saw the story of where AOL had bought Huffington Post for millions of dollars. Now while I do not begrudge Arianna of her windfall earnings, I do have to wonder what makes an internet provider/news site want to own a site that spews such horrible rhetoric about a man who was not only a President of this country, but who has also passed on. And this is not the first time posters, editors, and others on the site have shown themselves to be classless jerks willing to spew vile rhetoric on those they do not like or agree with. Since the inception of this liberal site, many a person and their families have had their names dragged through the mud by the members of this site. They have been told to die, rot in hell, get a fatal disease, and other similar and even worse type of speech just because they are not liberal/progressive, not liberal/progressive enough, disagree with liberal/progressive beliefs, or just because they are republican. They have seen the same type of hateful rhetoric targeted against their family and even their children. Even while Huffington Post tried to reinvent the site into a “news” site, the vile, hateful, and even criminal rhetoric continued and even increased.

As I surfed through the stories on many sites, liberal and conservative alike, the glaring differences were stark. On the republican side, Reagan was honored, but for the most part, not deified. This was to be expected due to Reagan being an icon of our party and our principles. While one would expect the other side to not support Reagan policies, one would expect them to treat the deceased with a little respect, but this was not to be. They attacked him personally, wished him an eternity of suffering in hell, prayed for his eternal damnation, and so much more. These are just a few of the comments left on the 100th birthday of our 40th president. Fair warning, many of these posts are not safe for work or for small children and come from both Huffington Post and from Daily Kos.

Huffington Post:

I will celebrate Reagan’s birthday today by peeing on my shoes and calling it “trickle down” economics.

Amen!! I’ve waited my life to get my “trickle-d­own” share and all I got was p****d on!

Finally some truthful commentary on Raygun’s mediocrity and quite frankly his ruinous 8 years destroying this country with his tarot-card reading shrew of a wife. I will never refer to National Airport as Reagan National — it offends me too much.

I remember Ronald Reagan for huge government deficits; closing hospitals so vulnerable mentally-i­ll people were forced to live on the streets; and his deregulati­ons that paved the way for the corporate takeover of the wealth of this Nation. Let’s not forget increased drug abuse by Americans; the expansion of the American-c­orporate prison system; the deaths of hundreds of thousands of indigenous people in Latin America; the elevation of criminals to right-wing media stars; and let’s not overlook Reagan’s use of horoscopes­, astrologer­s, and psychics to chart the future course of our Nation.

Reagan’s presidency was such a disaster for America and for the world that I’m surprised anyone would want to remember it, much less pretend that it was some kind of holy event sanctioned by God.

you forgot: and did the most damage
he set in motion the eviscerati­on of the middle class

Good Old Reagan. Tells funny stories to reporters and then goes back to work destroying the middle-cla­ss. That is a real hoot.

Ronald Reag­an – the man who destroyed America.

Now while rules at Huffington Post forced most to keep their attacks on Ronald Reagan somewhat clean, it did not stop them from attacking his wife and other family members. I have chosen to not re-post those attacks as it has nothing to do with this story. If you want to see the depravity, feel free to scroll through all the comments on the site.


Nothing better symbolizes the Reagan administration than the AIDS quilt.
It attested to the needless, widespread suffering inflicted upon us by the bastard.

The Berlin State Govt. refused a request from some conservatives to have a memorial set up for Reagan at the site of the Brandenburg Gate, where the wall stood.
Thumbs up to the Berlin State Govt. – Reagan was a pox on all our houses.

I will let NO HINT of praise for him pass unchallenged.
I piss on the man and his memory. May he rot in Hell forever.

why the right idolizes him is beyond me.
personally… i hope he’s rotting.

i tell you… i hated him more than w
…. as if losing all my friends to aids wasn’t enough
now…. that i’m a grown-up…. i see his damage was pretty deep indeed.
seriously, LL… with ever fiber of my being
i hope rr is rotting somewhere.

you mean the fu*king bastard who gave us the most toxic rhetoric ever
“government is the problem”

the bullshit rhetoric that we are still suffering the consequences of
thirty years later

that piece of crap???


i was a teenager when he was elected
by the time i was 25… i buried all my friends
including my very best friend, danny.

i can only hope there is a hell
i can only hope
reagan is rotting there

The list on both sites could go on and on and much gets worse and more offensive. All of this comes from the side that loves to tell us and the world how hateful we are, how peaceful they are, how inclusive they are of different views, etc. The level of disrespect the left is willing to stoop to is very telling. Most on here and on the many conservative sites would quickly tell the world just how bad of a president Jimmy Carter was. We will tell you he very well may be the worst president outside of Obama, but when he dies, I doubt very many will celebrate his death, wish him eternal suffering, attack his kids and wife, and those who chose to go down that path would most likely be dealt with harshly and quickly. We just do not act this way no matter who the person is or what they have done. While we may not respect the person or the policy, we do respect the families of those who are or were in office and we absolutely respect the leaders who have died. We may not raise them up on a pedestal, but we would not throw them in the dirt in the same way the left has done to Ronald Reagan.

So why did AOL decide to purchase Huffington Post, who knows. But the one thing I am sure of is that this purchase was not a good purchase. It may net AOL money for a season, but it will lose them the little support a majority of this country may have given them. We have our problems on this side, but we are quite respectful to the memory of Ronald Reagan, we do not care for the nastiness coming from the left, and we will not give our hard earned dollars to a company that involves themselves in the kind of trash that inhabits Huffington Post and Daily Kos. The best thing AOL can hope for now is that the left supports them enough to justify the over 300 million they paid for this scumbag site as they will not receive any support from us. And we all remember how well the left supports their own after the collapse of the flagship liberal radio show, Air America. I wonder how long it will be before AOL realizes the mistake they have made buying a trashy liberal site and they attempt to reinvent the site to more resemble a true news site or a more conservative site. Problem is, we will not be buying into their magic show and the left will despise the show and slime their way to another site. I see this sale failing in a very short time and it could not happen to a better group of people.