A Moment of Faith: Peace In Troubled Times

Psalms 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”


Every day we see the abysmal actions of our fellow man. Not a day passes that we do not hear about some child turning up missing, being raped, or being killed. We hear about yet another young American being killed fighting for our freedoms. We hear the story of these brave warriors returning home with their lives forever changed due to some horrible wound they received in battle. We hear the story of an entire family being killed by an intruder or even by their own father or mother. Evil is all around us and even has affected many of us.

What makes things worse is that there is more than enough atrocities occurring in life, yet we have to worry about our very way of life which is under attack from our very own president and his fellow democrats. Every day, we hear yet another decision that scares us and makes us question how our lives will be affected this time. We hear about the destruction of viable human babies with scissors at the hands of the very one trained to save lives.

The reality we all live in is one of fear. The loss of so many of our freedoms has shown us that nothing we hold dear cannot be attacked. Jobs, good jobs have become sparse and if the current trend continues, will become even more sparse. When you see figures that show the debt that your unborn great great great grandchildren are already responsible for is more than many make in two years, fear for their future is overwhelming. When we watch our president bow to those who want to see us destroyed, one must question how our future will look. As we watch our elected representatives keep making decisions that go against what the majority want and even more importantly, go against even the most basic of fiscal sense, we all must worry will this country be able to stand in the coming years.

Life in America today is scary, very scary. We are are surrounded by the enemy and the enemy is our own countrymen. We live around those who call themselves American yet want to end American as we know it today. They desire communism, socialism, euthanasia, they want to take from the rich to enrich themselves, and they want to drive us into the sea. We are living in times where war is common, atrocities no longer shock our numb souls. We would be fools to not worry about the deliberate direction our leaders are taking our country in and how our way of life is under constant attack. But there is a promise we can all hold on to in these very troubled times.

While Christ never promised us a Utopian society free from all evil or an existence free from fear, what he did promise us is a God given Peace during the storm if we just ask for it. He made it clear that no matter what is done or what is coming, his hands are in control. He promised that no matter how hard it gets, he is there with us carrying us through the desert. Christ made it clear that it is not man who controls the end, it is him. No matter how powerful Obama thinks himself to be, he is simply being allowed, for a season, the ability to do is damage. But even during this season of damage, it is Christ who uses the evil to bring glory to his name. It is Christ who takes these bad decisions and evil that surrounds us and turns it into positive.

But for us to find peace in these troubled times, there must be action on our part. First and foremost, we must seek the hand of God in our lives and ask for his protection and peace. While God is always there for us, it is us who must be willing to accept what he has for us. We must turn from our own will and hand it over to God knowing he is in control and has a perfect plan. When we read stories about the horrible evil man does to each other, while it is tough to see how good can come from it, we must trust in the Almighty and his promises. And when we see the deliberate attempts from our government to take all we hold dear away, again, we must look towards the one who is actually in charge and understand it is all in his hands. But the second part is just about as important as the first. We must not lay down and expect God to take care of all that needs to be taken care of. God gives us all our own talents, puts each of us in a place where we can change one thing at a time, and gives us the desire to become involved in changing the hearts of man. We have to recognize that while God is in control, he expects us to be involved in doing the right thing. We must get involved in politics, in voting, in running for office, in making the calls to the police that help catch the offender, etc. We can find peace in the troubled times but we must also find the God given strength to get out in our environment and do what is needed to make the changes that will save our country for future generations.

God is ready to grant us peace if we are willing to be still and seek him out. But he is also ready to grant us the strength needed to take on those who are standing against us but only if we seek his help.

“Be still, and know that I am God!”