Tax Money for Sex Change Operations

This is the new goal of the leftist regime in Berkeley California. Lets set aside any argument on whether this lifestyle should be accepted or condoned, lets simply look at how absurd this proposal is.

Currently California is facing a 14 billion dollar deficit which is more than any other state in the nation. This number represents the actual shortage facing the state to operate at its current level. If you actually dug just a little deeper and looked at needed budgets from the entire state and the already adjusted budgets that were actually submitted, the deficit increases many times over. Out of all the states in the union, CA is the closest to absolute collapse and bankruptcy.

The California voters staged a coup several years ago by recalling the sitting Governor, Gray Davis. Davis came into office with a budget surplus but yielded to a spend crazy legislature and the state ran up massive deficits. As a result, Davis was dumped and was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in order to restore fiscal discipline to the state. Problem is, he failed. Under Gov Schwarzenegger, General Fund Spending increased over 44%. This increase was not backed up by increased revenue, which quickly led to major deficit issues.

California was one of the states to have an increase each year in the average income. Problem is, each year spending was more than the increased tax yield. Currently, California is spending between 400 and 600 million dollars more each month than they take in from taxes and other revenue. The 14 billion dollar deficit is projected to double in the next few years if spending is not drastically cut or taxes are raised so high that it would cause most of the middle class to fall into poverty the moment the ink is dried on the tax increase.

So what do the progressive leaders in California do, they decide to push for a resolution that would allow for tax money to be used for sex change operations for any city worker. Now some may ask why is this an issue for all of California when it is Berkeley that is trying to pass the resolution. The answer is quite easy.

If this ignorance passes in Berkeley, other cities across the state will demand the same treatment. When refused, the town, city, or county will face litigation from the employee, the union, and every other liberal group out there that promotes the gay lifestyle. Now other states in California will not only face the tens of thousands of dollars it cost to perform this surgery per person, it will face astronomical cost from defending the themselves from the numerous lawsuits. The reality is, most of the areas will simply buckle and pass their own resolution once the first lawsuit is filed. Another issue that will cause problems will be the influx of applicants looking to secure a government job long enough to have the surgery which they could not afford otherwise. The different government organizations will become revolving doors of cost and pandering employees.

The most telling thing about this absurdity is the liberals who have somehow found the intelligence to know this is a very bad idea and have started to speak out. City Manager, an extreme liberal, filed a report denouncing the proposal and stated that the city has unfunded liabilities — including pension funds, workers’ compensation and vacation payouts — totaling as much as $252 million. The City auditor Anne Marie Hogan, who authored the report, cautioned that employee benefits for the city’s 1,500 workers represent a rapidly increasing cost to Berkeley and that measures must immediately be taken to lower these expenditures.

Former Berkeley Zoning Commisioner and current attorney had this to say,

“My neighborhood has severe infrastructure issues, so to pay for someone else’s sex change surgery is a bit off the charts,”

“Berkeley cannot do what every individual wants; it must act as the major government of a city. Its major obligation should not be to people who work for the city, but to the people who pay taxes.”

The absurdity of this proposal is breathtaking. In a state where debt is increasing mutilfold every second, jobs are being loss as quickly as the sand on their beaches, and in these troubling times, it has to take a complete moron or morons to think this is a good idea. Even in the best of times, this whole idea is absurd, but in these times, it borders on criminal. Spending 20,000 dollars of tax payer money so that some other person can change their sex is not what any founding father envisioned tax dollars being spent on. This is an absurdity that must be stopped, not only for the sake of common sense, but for the sake of the state of California. But I am not holding my breath, this is the state that keeps on giving us the two most liberal witches in Congress.

Maybe we should just ignore this nonsense and just let them implode. Then we can look back and laugh that sex changes paid for by the working stiff was just the icing on the cake in the progressive experiment that utterly failed.