The non answer to bickering politicians

Usually when the left calls for bipartisanship, it is due to their losses or pending losses and their desire to look like the party who wants the best for the country. Problem is, every time our side buys into the nonsense, we the people usually get screwed. The truth about bipartisanship is very simple. It is simply a way for the left to pressure the right, in a public manner, to throw away their promises and sign on to bad legislation. And the gullible public buys into the nonsense and even grows angry at us when we obstruct the passage of poor legislation.

But times are different now but only different in perception. When the senator was shot in Arizona, the left quickly bombarded the internet with their hate speech and blame game using us as their political pawns. The country fell into the trance and started buying into the nonsense that the republican party only obstructs passage of bills because of their deep seated hate of the left and their ignorant leader Obama. They bought into the nonsense that we incite violence even though it is the leftist that actually openly proclaim they want to hurt us, break our heads, stab us, and so on even up to killing us. This is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of record easily found with a quick google search. I am not saying our side has never been guilty of violent speech, just that we do not condone it, glorify it, accept it, promote it, and use it even nearly as much as the left.

So the big thing right now is the call for “peace” or a toning down of “fiery rhetoric.” This is nothing more than horse crap disguised as peaceful harmony. The left has no intention of calming down, quelling the vicious speech of the sheep who serve them, or working with us to fix the problem their last few years of power have brought us. What they want is for us to tuck our tails like scared dogs and just do their bidding.

But through all of this, some idiot from the leftist camp and some sheep from our side decided they had figured out how to stop all the “hate.” No separate sitting areas for the parties during the State of the Nation speech coming up soon.

A proposal by Senator Mark Udall, D-Colo., for bipartisan seating during the annual State of Union address is picking up support. The plan, that would sit Republicans, Democrats, and Independents should-to-shoulder during the President’s address, is getting the thumbs up from both sides of the aisle and even right down the middle.

Senators John McCain, R-Ariz., Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and a host of other Democratic and Republican Senators have signed on to the effort.

Several House members, including House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Texas, agree with the plan too, though McCarthy hasn’t formally signed the letter

Now during the years of GWB, the leftist pigs often, if not always, showed quite the level of disrespect for Bush during these speeches by refusing to clap, refusing to stand when he entered and left, booing during the speech, etc. All this was OK in their opinion since Bush was an idiot, war criminal, redneck, racist, scumbag, and so on. They wanted to be seen disrespecting the president so that their leftist supporters would applaud their brazen lack of respect for the office of president. Had anyone from our side suggested that there should be no separate seating for the two parties, the left would have booed them from the building.

But things have changed, the public is mad not only at Obama and his party, but at the perception that the two sides go way too far in their rhetoric. They want us to fight for what is right, but not to talk about it. They want us to play nice with the side that is hell bent on destroying this country as if we were kids in the park who all wanted to throw the same ball. And this pathetic display of “bipartisanship” will seem like an olive branch to the many politically uneducated in the public. Problem is, we need to refuse the offer. Obama is not going to use the speech as his opportunity to start compromising with us, the winning side, he is going to use this speech to try to make him look like the ultimate peace bringer. He is going to use this speech to try to convince the world he not only wants the best for this country, but he also knows what is best for us all. And he is going to use this speech to jump start his 2012 campaign effort.

We need to be unified, for all the world to see, during this speech. One great wall protecting the people from the monstrosity called the democratic party. We must show respect for the office, standing as he enters and as he leaves, but refusing to stand for the rest of his nonsense. As the world watches the campaign speech, they need to see a large group of quiet, respectful, and unified republicans not thanking Obama for giving them the “privilege” of being in his presence, not standing as he lies to this country or plays the harp string while trying to benefit himself, and not standing for his bad policy intentions. They need to see who adores Obama and who adores this country. And since you can not adore Obama and this country together, we need to be sitting where we can be seen so that the voters know what we adore and not mistake us for the party who worships the man. We need to refuse this grenade that is disguised as an olive branch and sit separately from our enemies. And yes I said it, the democrats are the enemies of our way of life, hence they are our enemies. And now is not the time to sit together like we are friends.