Sad State of the Democrat Party's Betrayal

The Democrat Party claims to be one of inclusion, where they continue to respect all those who were a part of their party no matter how long they have been out of politics. Often enough they lecture us on how to treat all that is mankind and on how to love all those who are around us. They preach to the masses that the republicans are a party of hate, that forgiveness is something we know nothing about, that we all hypocrisy defined, and so on while they claim to be the only sainted group in politics.

Little problem though, their actions never seem to fit their preachy words. The reality is, you are only a friend of the democratic party if you have something to offer, are currently an elected member, and agree with all the democratic platforms. There are thousands of cases stretching many years where ex members of the party are no longer accepted in the rank of file that is the party. If a member dares to step away from the agenda set by the party leaders, they are ostracized as if they were lepers. Take the case of Heath Shuler who dared to publicly state that Pelosi should not lead the caucus for the next two years. Calls are not returned to him, members will work hard not to shake his hand, he is no longer the party darling who was able to wrestle a seat away in a republican stronghold. He is simply an annoyance, not worthy of their time. He dared stand up to the party and he will pay the price.

But a more telling example of the parties betrayal is that of the late Elizabeth Edwards. Not too long ago she was the supportive wife of the good looking, smooth talking democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards. People within the party and those who supported the party were gushing at her ability to speak well, he poise in front of the camera, her progressive beliefs, and her unfailing support of her husbands political ambition. They never stopped talking about her inner strength as she faced the daunting realization that her life would end due to cancer. She was to be the female face of all that is the party. Then the affair became public and they could not hold in their “heartfelt” admiration. She faced the camera side by side with her husband, never speaking a bad word about him. Even when the pathetic recordings of her confronting her husbands mistress came to light, she was still hailed as the new Jakie O.

But time had a way of changing things. Her husband was crushed in the democratic primaries, he went into seclusion, she filed for divorce, and then made the mistake all somewhat smart democrats will eventually make, she spoke ill of her husbands democratic handlers. She laid some of the blame for her pain on their laps, and that was a major no no. She went from a democratic socialite to a democratic leper all in the matter of a few months. She was to never again be the face of democratic women, those days were done.

As she lay dying, very few of the democratic leaders who had pushed her into the forefront came to visit her. Few made public calls for people to pray for her healing. She was forgotten by those she had served. And when she died, she died without her party, alone with nothing for all the years she had served her beliefs. A few made the obligatory sympathy remarks, but those were few and far between. When they laid her to rest, they still could not find the decency to pay their respects for all she had done for her husband in his political life or the party as well. She went into the ground forgotten, betrayed by those she thought cared about mankind.

When Ronald Reagan died, people lined the streets along the entire procession route to pay their respects. These were people who had never even met him in person, never received a word from him, they were simply people who respected him as a man and what he had done for this country. And while he was a president where Elizabeth was not, her procession did not even equal one street corners worth of people compared to President Reagan. And to think, we are the party of soulless beings, not the democrats. When Jack Kemp died, so many people showed up to show their respect, people had to be turned away. People stood all around the church to show their respect for a man who had served the republican party and who had stood on his principles. President Bush took time from his schedule to say his good byes to this man, as well as many others who had served beside him. When Tony Snowe died, President Bush cried as the body lay in rest. Republicans showed in mass to pay respect to a man who had not even served as an elected official, but had simply been the spokesman for the party. And yet when Elizabeth died, she was abandoned by most who had once praised her name and said she was their friend. Her years of service was only worth a few hundred mourners, but what was more telling was, it only brought a few political figures with the most significant being John Kerry. Had only her political “friends” been allowed at her funeral, she would have been buried with less than ten mourners.

She served the party, but in the end, the party left her. She was no longer an asset to them, they had no more use for her. She went into her final resting place alone politically, betrayed by those she thought were her friends. I wonder, had she known how it would all end, how the party would treat her in her final moments on earth, would she have served their evil ideals for her whole life. Would she have seen the truth about the Democratic party, or would her betrayal been worth keeping her ideals. Would she see the truth through their lies and changed her outlook or would she have still gone to her grave without all the people who held her up as their friend but yet betrayed her when it really mattered?

I wonder……….