Obama God of all things

Yes you heard that right, Newsweek has made Obama a deity. It is not surprising that the left feels Obama is a deity, a cursory search of google and the words Obama halo gives a person over 750,000 results. Some are a parody, some a protest, but many are done with the intent of elevating the status of Obama to being great or even to being a god. Many of the pictures were done by professional people who are loudly democrat/progressive.

My father and I have had a discussion about the end times many a time so it is funny to me to now see how my father was right. He had always told me that the times are ripe for the anti christ to come as people are now sheep. He always said that 50 years ago, people in this country would have never been gullible enough to buy into the anti christ’s message. But he stated they now are. It would take very little to convince the people in this country today that the anti christ was the real Christ. I never quite understood what he meant until I saw the faces watching Obama speaking. When I saw the tears streaming down their faces, when I saw the messiah calls, when I saw the weak knees of people watching Obama, I knew what my dad meant and I knew most in this country will fall completely for the message of the anti christ and his prophet. So this Newsweek article does not surprise me that much.

The Author of the story, Evan Thomas, once stated that Obama was like a god so it is no surprise he would write this now. It is also no surprise that he is the grandson of Norman Thomas, six time Socialist Party candidate for President of the United States. But in today’s climate concerning Obama, I am surprised that Newsweek chose to print this article. I am surprised for two reason with one being the reason I just stated and the other being that Newsweek had to know that this depiction would anger the Hindus considering it is a take off their god Shiva in the form of Lord Nataraja. At least for once they did not use Christian images in their blasphemy. Sorry Hindus, guess it was your turn.

Well enjoy the picture and our new presidential deity. And enjoy a famous tune about our esteemed deity. Too bad instead of a deity we got a dope!

Obama the Deity