It is all about jobs dummy.............

Both sides claim to be the smartest, have all the answers, know what is best, but when you set all the bullpoo aside, who really are the smartest?

Many years ago, my father told me that some of the dumbest people were the ones with the biggest degrees. As a kid, I simply looked at him with glazed eyes all while trying to stifle a large yawn. I did not want to hear what he was telling me and to top it off, I had no clue as to what he was trying to get across to me. It was not until I was into my third year of Business School at the University of South Carolina that the meaning of his words started to dawn on me.

The left have a ton of degrees, yet very few people with any common sense. The professor who taught one of my classes was a man who held multiple degrees yet advocated the raising of taxes and regulations on all business. In his “esteemed” opinion, business was what was wrong with America. To him, Wal-Mart did not create more jobs in the US than any other company or bring affordable prices to the blue collar masses, they brought slave wages which must have been ‘forced’ on the person who chose to work there, was the epitome of corporate greed, and was the only reason mom and pop stores were out of business. In class, he advocated the raising of corporate taxes to the pre Reagan years and even higher if possible. The glaring problem with his thought is that he was wrong, dead wrong. Yet the left buys into the anti business thought day after day.

The simple truth about business is this, Business must be able to retain its money in order to build its own business. In order for a company to create jobs, they must expand their business. And when government creates an environment that regulates business to the max and creates a heavy tax burden on the business, jobs are lost. It does not work any other way. Take away the money a business has, they shut down advancements, expansion, and new job creation. Then they pass that cost increase off to their customers which in turn causes other companies to stop creating jobs or even cut ones they currently have. Never in history has an economy become better when taxes are raised nor have jobs become more plentiful when corporate taxes have been raised.

So along comes two of the biggest idiots MSNBC has even put on their air. They believe, as most libtards do, that the Bush Tax cuts to the “rich” should be ended. They instead believe that Obama should give every tax payer in the country a $1000 instead of giving those who make above $250,000 their fair tax cuts. They fail to mention this is class envy and creates class warfare, that those who make that much money should not be obligated to pay for those who do not make as much, and that these “rich” people are the ones who own the main street business’ that create or maintain a vast amount of job Americans depend on.

Please enjoy their obnoxious approach to socialism.

Look, it does not matter if you like big business or not, reality is reality. Without big business, our entire economy would fail. People would be without jobs, government would have no funds to operate, small business would have no one to serve their product to, and so on. And it matters little if you think the ones in this country who make a quarter of a million a year or more deserve to keep their own money, the reality is they are the ones who have invested in the small business and are the ones who employ millions across this country. All types of business are in business to make money, as much as they can and that is what America is all about. But business also employee wise people that know how to save and invest money so that the company can continue to remain stable, viable, and grow. And when a company thrives, we the people thrive. When the company is allowed to keep its own money we get to go to work and make some of our own. But when government decides to make the environment around the business hostile to growth and stability and when they feel they should take more of the companies money, it is us the people who pay the price. It is our jobs that are cut and it is our business that is forced to shut down because we can no longer afford to operate.

It is that simple, pass it on to all the libtards in your life…..