Keep your mouths shut for the sake of the cause!~

That title is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. And even a dummy can understand what it means, but just in case there are a few here that are unable to comprehend the meaning, let me explain.

Our country was nearly destroyed over the last two years. I would guess that we have not seen all the damage yet to come as the things Obama has put into place have not yet had its consequences come to fruition yet. The socialist plans Obama has for the next two years should scare the hell out of every freedom loving American.

So an awakening occurred and conservatism saw a resurgence. Across the country people were standing against the democrats even in areas were democrats had ruled for generations. We saw a long time seat held by the democrat Kennedy switch to our side. We saw long time faces kicked to the curb in primaries across the country. We have seen polls suggesting taking back the house and senate is a good possibility. Yet for some odd reason we have also seen people who call themselves republicans, conservative republicans even, continue to disparage candidates who were elected in legal contests. They won primaries because the will of the people spoke, yet some continue to assault them every chance they get. So that brings me to this……..

There are three periods in the political process. The first is the primary season. This is when we as the people get to choose who will run for our party. It is crucial during this period to critique the candidates and state what we like about them and what we do not like about them. It is the time to state if you think the person is a conservative or if they are electable. It is the time to push for your choice in a candidate and to do everything you can do to get them elected. To sum it all up, it is the time to open your mouth and get everything on the table.

The next period is the election period. This is the most important as this period will determine which party controls the Congress, the states, and every four years, who will control the presidency. After the utter destruction of our way of life that has occurred over the last two years, we as a party should know that this period is the time we must come together unified to keep as many democrats out of office as we can. We should also understand it is not the time to attack our candidates, proclaim their shortcomings, or to lay claim to the fact we (you) see them as unelectable. If we fail to understand this, it allows the democrats to keep their seats and continue in their mission to change our very way of life. So to sum it up, this is the period you keep your damn mouths shut and simply stay silent if you can not support a candidate.

The third period is the vigilant period. This period starts on November 3rd each election year. This is when we as the supporters of the republican party start to hold the elected republicans accountable. This is when we speak out against pandering to the democrats, liberal votes or actions of our reps, or their failure to live up to their promises. This period is also when we start looking for viable conservatives who can battle with RINOs in the next election period so we can rid our party of all dem-lites. It is the time those of us who having been straining at the bit can finally raise any issues we have with a candidate who won the state primary. To sum it up, this is the time to focus in on the character of the rep and to start the proverbial fire under the proverbial asses so that those who were elected know what we feel about them and who they answer to.

But the problem is way too many in here and around the country are idiots who seem unable to understand this simple concept. You will recognize these people pretty easily. They always make comments such as ” O’Donnell was a mistake, but I hope she win” or ” While I would love for Angle to win, I will not waste one second of my time supporting her as she is a nut.” These people are great at covering their own butts as they made just enough of a cliche comment that seemed to support the republican but made a bigger statement about how they do not like them, they are unelectable, they are nuts, etc that way they can either join the celebrations if the person wins or come back in a pious manner telling us they told us so. These people are not only idiots, they are dangerous to our cause. These people do more to damage our cause than the democrats but what is even more telling about their IQ, respect for us, and their true agenda is their constant refusal to accept the fact they are wrong, that they have stepped over the line, but also the fact they continue to disparage the candidate every chance they get. These people may claim they are republican or even conservative republicans, but in reality they are a cancer that needs to be cut off and thrown away so that they can no longer use a highly visible site to trash our cause or a candidate.

So if you are reading this and fall into the idiot category, try for once to understand common sense explanations. If you do not like a candidate, fine. If you think a candidate is not electable, fine. If you do not want to waste your time or money on a set of candidate you do not like, fine. But for the sake of our country and our cause, keep you damn mouth shut about why you do not like or support a candidate. You may like being a fool, but respect us enough to stay out of it. There are plenty of republicans running for office right now that deserve our contempt, but now is not the time to express it. We have one purpose and that is to rid the country of all democrats. The time to complain about a republican has passed and will not start again till November 3rd. It is only a few months of time where you need to keep your traps shut, so it is not that difficult to do. If you have some complaint about one of our candidates, keep it to yourself for now. You may not respect us, our cause, or our mission, but at least respect our way of life and our country enough to show some maturity and some common sense by staying silent during this time. It is not that hard to understand and even less hard to follow. But the reality is you will either show some respect and keep silent or show yourself to be an idiot and a fool and you will keep on hurting the very ones we should all be supporting through actions or at least silence.