Tell us it ain't so Harry Reid, A second scandal?

My proverbial ink has not yet dried when yet another scandal hit the Reid camp. We just heard about the close aide to Reid that had carried on a fraudulent marriage to aid a dangerous felon to achieve citizenship. Now we get to hear about a new and twisted scandal emanating from the leftist Reid.

Voters in one Nevada city are complaining that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name was already checked when they went to cast their ballots in early voting Monday, according to Fox5Vegas.com.

Voters in Boulder City said they were trying to vote for Republican nominee Sharron Angle, but that Reid’s name was checked when they got to the electronic voting machines.

“Something’s not right,” voter Joyce Ferrara told the network, saying several people reported the same problem. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five-minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

A Clark County voting official said highly sensitive touch-screens may be to blame and that fraud is not the issue.

Voting fraud, my God, how many times have we heard this about the left. We have all seen the ACORN fiasco, the illegals voting as if they were citizens, the illegals going out signing up new voters, the dead voting, the blatant intimidation efforts of the Black Panthers, but this one takes the cake.

Did they really believe they would not get caught? Did they really believe that Angle supporters would not raise a stink about not being able to vote for their choice in candidate? Did they think Angle supporters were too stupid not to notice the checked box beside Reid’s name? See they got it confused, it is they who are too stupid to notice a check mark beside a name that they did not check, the only difference is we respect their right to vote out of shear stupidity and absolute wrongness and would not do it. They did it and now they are caught red handed.

Harry, again I say, See ya, thanks for nothing. It will be a good day when your name on the face plate is changed to say Sen. Sharron Angle.

By the way folks, check your ballot for check marks you did not make!

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